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At first this may seem like a contradiction in terms, but there are many instances where you may want to lock your window in the open position. Most windows are meant to be opened, they provide fresh, clean air and help remove pollutants, allergens and mould spores from your living space.

How can you keep your window locked, but open?

Now that we’ve looked at why you may want to keep your windows locked, but open, let’s talk about how. There are a few products that allow you to keep your windows open, but locked. Most of these are purpose-built for different window styles, such as window stoppers for windows that slide, and window restrictors, which work on casement style windows.

Benefits of keeping your windows open 

We’ve briefly touched on some benefits of keeping your window open, but these can be wide ranging, not just in the present moment, but well into the future. Fresh air is one of the most important needs of the human body, and can lead to better cognitive functioning, better sleep and a better mood. This brings us to the first major benefit of keeping your windows open.


Many homes have inadequate ventilation, this is particularly true in the UK where winter temperatures mean windows are usually shut. But even in these colder months it is essential to allow fresh air into the home to reduce carbon dioxide levels.


Good ventilation is facilitated by currents of air called crosswinds. What you want to do is create a breeze through the home that allows fresh air to replace stale air. Window latches that allow you to keep your window open are a great way to achieve this important natural airflow as all you need to do is open windows on opposite sides of the space you want to ventilate and let the air currents do the rest.


For the parents of young children open windows may pose a very different risk. Instead of worrying about people getting in they worry about their child getting out and injuring themselves in a fall. Window security devices that allow you to keep your window open, but only allow for small openings (like MiniLatch from LockLatch) are a great way to childproof your windows.

child sitting in window

Benefits of using LockLatch products

There are many benefits to having open, but locked windows, but there is only really one range of devices that offer the strength and versatility to fit any style of window regardless of how it opens or what materials it is made out of. Because of its ingenious design the LockLatch range can be installed in just a few minutes on any style of window.

Highly durable

Each product in the LockLatch range is made from C304 stainless steel, a highly durable material, which is not only effective at keeping opportunistic thieves out, but also highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Lifetime guarantee 

The LockLatch range is so exceptionally durable that each device comes with a lifetime guarantee, where we will refund or replace any device that breaks in everyday use. 


When searching for a way to keep your windows open, but also locked, many specialised options require costly installation. Not only is the LockLatch device affordable (starting at £49), but the patented design means that installation is quick and easy and doesn’t require a handyman to be hired.


Open-Door Restrictors and Open-Window Locks Made Easy

Securing your home with door restrictors and open-window locks is important but can also seem daunting. Chances are your home has a variety of door and window sizes and types, which means for maximum convenience, you need a latch lock and window restrictor that can fit all of your doors and windows! LockLatch™ is one of the few latch lock products that can fit any door or window, making it your best door restrictor, window restrictor and latch lock choice.

The Most Cost-Effective Window Restrictor

What makes LockLatch™ one of the most affordable window opening restrictor choices? Everything! Not only do you not need to spend money hiring a professional to get it installed but because it’s designed to fit every window type, size and opening, meaning you save a lot of time and money sourcing a variety of latch lock products. Not to mention our cost comparative prices and easy door to door delivery… With LockLatch™ it’s truly win, win! There is no getting around it, if you want your home secure from burglars and your children safe, while still enjoying open windows and good ventilation, LockLatch open-window locks is the best option for you! For more on safety & security: Protecting your home 8 Home Security Tips from Burlgars

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