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Sometimes we think we’re being diligent about DIY home security, making assumptions on how a would-be burglar sees your home. But have you ever wondered what exactly a burglar is thinking?

We scoured the internet looking for tips straight from the horse’s mouth and came across this in-depth guide, where self-confessed criminals weighed in on some home security tips from their point of view, as well as offered some of their own.

Here’s what they had to say about home security:

1: Be Smarter About Your Home Security Tricks

“I often picked houses by the stupid tricks people use when they go out of town. Tons of lights on, and an obnoxiously loud TV on in the living room at 2am on a Sunday night in an upper middle class neighbourhood? LOL!”

When it comes to light-timers and other tricks we use to make our homes look lived-in, don’t over do it.  Be smart about what time of the day appliances or lights will be on to make it more realistic.

2: Know Your Neighbours

“Make friends with your neighbours so they know who should be at your house.”

As mentioned in our 7 Home Security Tips The Cost You Nothing article, getting to know your neighbours and building a community is a sure way to increase home security.  This is because if your neighbours know you and your routine, they are much more likely to notice if there is something to be suspicious about.

3: Lights, Camera, Action

“Cameras – inside and out. I knew a guy who was caught because he walked by someone’s webcam inside their house and ended up on the news. Make the cameras visible.”

One of criminals’ biggest tool against our home safety, is anonymity. This makes cameras a big deterrent so place cameras in visible areas to deter opportunistic thieves.

4: Get A Safe

“If I do get in your house, don’t keep small valuables all about. I often did all my work on foot, and stole money, jewellery, small electronics, etc. Have a safe basically.”

“Keep expensive stuff out of sight. Your 70″ flat screen TV should not be visible from the street. Your MacBook Pro shouldn’t be kept right in front of your 1st floor office window.”

As you can see, both these comments tell us that having valuables out there for the world to see is practically an invitation to people on the prowl. Making our homes prime targets for a house security breach.

6: Use a Lockable Doggy Door or Dog Door Replacement for Better Home Security

“‘Beware of dog’ and security alarm signs and stickers are completely worthless. I once broke into a house through a doggy door.”

‘Beware of the dog’ signs may fool some burglars, but not all. Why? Because when seeing a dog sign they may then look for easy access through a dog door or flap that hasn’t been locked. Ensure you buy a doggie door that can be secured or use PetLatch, which is the perfect pet access replacement that requires no dog door at all.

7: Small Dogs Scare More Than Big Dogs

“People think a large dog would be a good deterrent, but I generally avoided those annoying small yapping dogs that never shut up.”

Big dogs bark less than small dogs. In other words, an opportunistic thief may not be afraid of dogs in general, but will be weary of dog barks alerting the neighbours to a home security threat.

8: Keep Back Gardens Clear

“Try not to have any stools or anything in the backyard. They make climbing through windows easier.”

Secure your home by packing away those ladders and chairs! Opportunistic thieves will look for easy access and items such as chairs and ladders that afford them hassle-free entry.

Getting into the mind of a criminal is one of the best security tips for the home.

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Have some home security tips of your own?


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