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No matter where you live in the UK the benefits of keeping your windows open are universal. In the warmer summer months, an open window can allow a cool and refreshing breeze into your home, helping you regulate the temperature. And in winter months it is essential that your home is properly ventilated, and it becomes particularly important to open your windows for a few hours each day to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew. This article explores why and how something as simple as an open window can help you live a healthier life.

Why open windows are important

As we’ve already mentioned the single most important reason for opening your windows and leaving them open is the issue of ventilation. This has become even more of a pressing concern during 2020 with the global Covid-19 pandemic. When we consider that most Covid-19 infections occur in closed spaces with poor airflow, the idea of improving ventilation in your home has taken on a whole new urgency. In fact, studies have shown that improving airflow in your home can greatly reduce the chance of transmitting the virus in your home.

keep windows open

Aside from reducing the chance of transmitting the virus. Improved ventilation also helps prevent CO2 build-up, a less serious, but still important, issue. When we are sleeping, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide and if your room is properly ventilated this CO2 build-up, can have real consequences for your general health and well-being. Depending on how much Carbon Dioxide is in the air, symptoms of CO2 build-up can vary from feeling groggy in the morning right through to more serious maladies such as headaches and nausea. Luckily this problem has a few remedies such as sleeping with a fan on, which helps circulate the air, or getting some potted plants to convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen. However, one of the most effective ways to ensure you get a good night’s sleep is to keep a window open and allow oxygen to enter your room naturally.

This might be harder to do during the winter months when it’s cold outside, but this is one of the most important times of year to ensure your home is properly ventilated. Cold and wet months are the perfect time for mildew and moulds to develop in your home. This could be as a result of damp creeping through poorly sealed walls or can simply come about from the increased humidity as you and your family spend more time indoors. The accumulation of damp and resulting mould can have serious health repercussions for you and your family, and in severe cases can even lead to death in high risk individuals. Once again simply keeping a window open for a few hours a day can help reduce the build-up of mould and nullify the health risks associated with this.

Better ventilation also has a number of secondary benefits aside from health. It can reduce your energy costs in summer and help get rid of bad odours in your home.

While ventilation is definitely the most important reason for keeping your windows open there are other benefits as well. An open window can help regulate temperature on hotter days and nights, allowing a gentle breeze through the home to cool you down. It can also provide an easy entry and exit point for your cat, without the need to permanently damage a door by installing a cat flap.

keep windows open

The risks of open windows

This begs the question, why doesn’t everybody leave their windows open whenever they can? We’ve already mentioned that it can be difficult to open your windows in colder and wetter conditions. However, the single biggest reason why people are reluctant to leave their windows open is the issue of security.

This is a valid fear as a 2020 study by the eco experts showed that a burglary occurs in the UK every 106 seconds and 29% of burglars enter the home through the window, (a third of these burglars entered through an unlocked or open window). Of course, one can greatly reduce your risk of being burgled by installing a home security system, but these can be expensive with top of the line models costing up to £800 for installation alone.

Enter LockLatch & MiniLatch

One alternative solution to a pricey home security system is the LockLatch. This robust device is designed to keep your window ajar, but firmly locked, providing the dual benefit of a more secure home as well as improved ventilation. LockLatch is a versatile solution with an adjustable arm that can be set to any size between 9 and 17 cm allowing you to tailor your window opening to your needs or change it when the weather turns. If you require a smaller gap a great alternative is the MiniLatch, based on the same technology as the LockLatch, the MiniLatch is adjustable between 4.5 – 8 cm, which makes it perfect for poor weather or for homes that don’t require pet access.

Both the LockLatch and the MiniLatch are constructed entirely from C304 stainless steel making them exceptionally durable, and both are easy to install, with installation taking less than 15 minutes.

The LockLatch and MiniLatch can be fitted to almost any type of window from modern aluminium windows to heavy wooden sash style windows, offering unmatched versatility and security for less than £50.

keep windows open

But don’t just take our word for it

We could go on and on about why we think our product is an elegant and practical home security solution, but sometimes it’s more effective to let our customers do the talking. So we thought we would end the article with some of the kind words our LockLatch users across the UK have shared with us.

“Good morning Steve Just wanted to say that it was bliss to have my bedroom window open last night and sleep knowing I didn’t need to have one hand on half a broom handle that is next to my bed! My eldest Daughter, who is a Police Sergeant, has been telling me for ages that I needed a different form of protection!! So easy to fit, even though the sticky thing lost its sticky and the lock fell out onto the porch roof below, so we had hysterics as I was hanging out trying to retrieve it as she held my feet!! Anyway, thank you very much. A very adaptable piece of kit, good quality, easy to fit, and most importantly, peace of mind. I am really pleased with it 🙂 Have a good day.”

  • Lucy
LockLatch for ventilation

“Hi Steve, that was ingenious. Thank you. Ken’s had to go out but we both wanted to say thank you for your help, for the great service from your office and for what hopefully will be the answer to our problem. We very much appreciate the time and effort put in.”

  • Brenda. Camberley, Surrey, UK
LockLatch for ventilation

“Hi, Got my lock, I’m very impressed with the simple installation. Thanks for the great service and product!”

  • Darren
LockLatch for ventilation

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