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If you already own a caravan, you’ll know the joys and freedom it can bring to planning holidays, but you can’t deny that caravan window security and safe ventilation is always an issue.

Stuffy caravans, whether you’re inside are some of the main complaints for many people and it’s easy to see why. A baking hot summer’s day, coupled with cooking and bathroom usage, while you’re inside a confined metal unit is definitely going to have its effects.

Sure, while you’re inside it’s easy to have your windows and door open for some fresh air, but when you leave and come back, you’re stuck with the same, stuffy issue. In a perfect world, you could leave your entry points open and walk away without a care, but in today’s society, it’s just no longer an option.

Here are many things you can do to make your caravan more comfortable, but when it comes to security that also helps with ventilation where do we turn? Are we then just stuck with stuffy caravans and have to deal with it? Definitely not.

Traveller’s Tales

Caravanning dates back to the 1800’s as a necessity for showmen and other travellers who spent their lives on the road. It soon became the luxury item that it is today, with hundreds of innovative designs hitting the mainstream market. However, as they moved from wooden, horse-drawn carriages to metal, the issue of ventilation became apparent.

There are several solutions and caravan window security locks available to improve caravan window security such as the products from Lock M Out, which help secure a closed window. But up until now you’ve had to choose between either ventilation or security – that’s no longer the case – in fact from today, you can have them both !

Lock and LeaveIMGP1578

LockLatch is an innovative patented product that acts as a caravan door catch or window lock, allowing you to leave these entry points open, but locked. Sure, caravan window security is a high priority, but there are other beneficial features of LockLatch products that should be acknowledged, such as:

  • Durable and Strong Each LockLatch is made from C304 stainless steel, which makes them not only rust resistant, but also very strong. Additionally, each LockLatch piece sold comes with a lifetime guarantee – which means we will happily replace it if anything goes wrong. And if strong winds are a concern, LockLatch will act as an additional stay to prevent windows and doors slamming or breaking their hinges.
  • VentilationWhether you live in your caravan or simply use it for the summer, you know all too well that getting fresh air in is a priority. As we do so much in our caravans – including cooking, sleeping and bathroom usage, ensuring that you have a good flow of air is a must. Now, even if you’re going out for the day, with LockLatch you can lock your doors and windows in place, to ensure air flow while you’re out.
  • Smooth Installation – Forget waiting for pricey installers to give you a call back, because LockLatch products are completely DIY. In fact, all you need is a drill, screw driver or pop rivet gun. For added convenience, we have an online installation guide taking you through step by step . Additionally, they’re designed to fit any door or window, no matter what kind of caravan you have.  


When you order your units from us, you’ll also receive the one-way screws and pop rivets, to ensure that you’ll have no problem fitting your LockLatch.

Get your LockLatch today to improve your caravan window security.

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