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The summer months are finally here! Which means if you haven’t already, it’s time to dust out the caravan and set off on your next outdoor adventure. But before you go, here’s a list of 10 must-have caravan accessories to ensure your next trip is safe, your caravan is secure and you’re comfortable.


1: A Designated Caravan Toolkit

One of the first campervan accessories you should ensure on packing is a basic toolkit. Your caravan toolkit should at least include a small crowbar, a hammer, a screwdriver and sockets to ensure that any small fix-it jobs, don’t put a damper on your trip.


2: A Fresh Water and waste Container

A fresh water carrier,  will make sure you can easily get the water needed for everything from cleaning to showering and cooking.  This is particularly important, if you happen to find yourself having to set up camp further away from water supply facilities to fill caravan water tanks and ensure you always have a constant supply of water with minimum hassle. Don’t forget a container for your wastewater from cleaning and the sink, this will need to be carried away as well! For extra convenience, why not try a rolling fresh water container from Flamma, UK’s caravan accessories top trend.


3: Some Caravan Steps

For extra convenience and caravan safety, invest in a small set of caravan steps. The doors of caravans are not flush with the ground and the extra rung or two will ensure more comfort this holiday, and help prevent safety mishaps such as sprained ankles or other injuries from falling.


4: Don’t Forget Your LockLatch

Having a good caravan window catch and caravan door latch, so that you can let the fresh air in while keeping pesky animals or opportunistic thieves out is a must for caravaning comfort.  LockLatch is designed for easy caravan security and fits any window or door.  Meaning you can buy one kind of caravan latch for all your windows or doors, giving you much more peace of mind about leaving your windows open at night or when off exploring for the day.


5. Your Trusty Head Torch

There are a lot of maintenance jobs, from changing a gas bottle to fetching water that may require two hands. A head torch is a handy motorhome accessory which allows you to free up your hands while still getting torch light on any situation, which makes this a must-have caravan accessory.


6. First Aid Kit – A Definite Must

Even if you have a first aid kit in your car, make sure your caravan has one too. A good caravan first aid kit should include at least compress dressings, antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic, bandages and aspirin. The red cross has a comprehensive list of the minimum needed for a good first aid kit and some more safety tips to ensure caravan security and safety.


7: A Designated Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a must-have for any caravan to ensure motorhome security and safety. Make sure you get one that can cope with category B and C fires – dry powder, which can include fires caused by  petrol, gasses, cooking fats, and diesel.


8: Caravan Security

Besides your faithful  caravan catches and latches, make sure you protect caravan with must-have security caravan accessories. These include caravan wheel locks, caravan alarms, caravan locks and tracking devices  to ensure your caravan is protected against theft while on site or when being stored.


9: A Battery

If you’re going somewhere remote, away from electricity, then a leisure battery should be part of your caravan equipment. This battery can power anything from an oven ignition and a gas stove, to your lights and even your caravan alarm system, ensuring you and your caravan are safe, comfortable and secure at all times.


10: Extra Comfort items

When making your caravan accessory checklist, don’t forget your camping chairs, enough bedding and linen,  crockery and your cool box. Caravaning means you being able to take the necessities and luxuries with you wherever you go and these comforts are a must to ensure your next trip is happy and comfortable.


Now that you have these 10 must-have caravan accessories you can insure your caravan security will be improved and your next trip is comfortable. All that’s left is to pick your next country trip! Have something to add? Comment below or email us at [email protected]



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