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Property is an investment, regardless of whether you’re looking to sell or not. And as with any investment the desire is to see its value rise. While there may be many factors that affect the value of your property that are out of your control, there are also things you can do to increase its value. Some are quick fixes that can add a lot of value to an agent or prospective buyer.

Simple tasks such as painting the exterior and interior and updating finishes can actually have a marked impact on selling price. However, it is also important to look at how the security of your home impacts on perceived value. This article runs through some of the ways in which home security can impact on property value and what you can do to improve yours.

Does home security increase your property value?

To answer this question, we need to apply the adage “an object is worth what the purchaser will pay for it.” While it is difficult to determine the direct correlation between home security upgrades and property value, you need to consider the mindset of the potential purchaser.

If a home feels unsafe it could have a dramatic impact on the willingness to buy. It is a question of the marketability of the property, the more marketable your house, the more demand there will be and the better the price you could potentially get.

How exactly does home security increase property value?

While some home security upgrades such as solid, hardwood doors, boundary fencing or home security systems can actually add dollars to your selling price, as we have already mentioned most security upgrades are more about improving the general appeal of the property.

With potential buyers you often only get one chance to impress them and poor security can have a negative impact on the perceived value. New homebuyers take the security of their homes and their families into consideration, and any blatant security flaws may put them off.

What buyers look for in home security

In many cases buyers may not even be aware of everything they are looking for in a new home. There are just so many factors to consider, both short and long term, and in many cases crucial aspects of the property are overlooked due to concerns such as financing or the value trends of the area. However, these practical concerns can sometimes be overlooked if they get the right feeling for the property.

Buyers appeal

Buyer appeal isn’t just about price but comes back to the marketability of the property. This incorporates a host of factors and the precise details may vary from person to person. Families may be cognisant of the proximity to schools, while young professionals may want to know what social activities are within reach. However, regardless of the person’s immediate needs, everyone wants to feel more secure.

If you are looking to sell you really need to consider how to make your home more secure.

Feeling of safety

Ensuring good home security measures are in place can contribute greatly to feelings of safety, as well as general peace of mind. These feelings aren’t linked to one specific security upgrade, but rather are a sum of the various security measures in place around the house.

Discounts on home insurance

One area to consider that may not have an immediate impact on selling price but is still very important to buyers. Good home security including adequate locks, security systems and perimeter fencing means better home insurance rates and these can add up in the long term meaning big savings for the new homeowners.

Preventing costly break-ins.

Good home security also reduces the chances of financial losses incurred if you are a victim of a burglary. While the Covid 19 Pandemic has had a great impact on reducing the number of burglaries, if you fall victim to one you don’t just have to consider the immediate financial loss, but also the potential loss of irreplaceable valuables and the emotional toll for your family.

Offer a secure and peace-of-mind environment for the buyer

All of these factors contribute towards offering peace of mind to potential buyers, which results in a more marketable property. That feeling of security could mean the difference between getting the price the purchaser is willing to spend and getting the price you want.

Increase property value with home security

So what are some home security upgrades that can help improve the value of your property? While improvements that also increase the aesthetics are the first prize, there are a number of security investments that can help improve value immediately.

Install an alarm

Alarm systems not only help alert you to criminal activity, but they are also a great deterrent, which can stop a break-in before it even occurs. Having a visible alarm system is often enough to send a thief away to find an easier target. The opposite is true for a home buyer, a visible alarm system can increase feelings of security when they are viewing your property.

Alarm systems

While an alarm system is great, not all options are created equal. There are so many to choose from including more traditional hard wired solutions, to modern wireless alarms that can be installed by the homeowner. No matter which option you choose it is important to ensure that the presence is advertised with signage including which response company it is linked to.

CCTV installations

As with alarms CCTV is no longer just for the wealthy as modern wireless cameras have meant that a CCTV system is within reach to anyone with a smartphone. These systems can be accessed at any time by the homeowner, no matter where they are. 

Window sensors

Windows are by their nature fragile and a potential security weak point, so it is important to ensure that all windows are fitted with sensors to alert you if they are broken or opened.

Add additional locks to doors and windows

Adding additional or supplementary locks is one of the easiest ways to improve home security. While many windows and door locks actually provide adequate security, each supplementary lock provides an extra layer of security that makes the property that much safer.

Lockable window and door latches such as those found in the LockLatch range, provide a great way to supplement your window and door security, and come with the added advantage of allowing you to leave them slightly ajar without compromising on home security. With a patented design and lifetime guarantee, LockLatch can be installed in a few minutes onto any type of window or door.

minilatch used to keep window open but locked in place

Burglar bars and burglar gates

Burglar bars and security gates are another great way to improve security in these high risk areas. While these types of solutions are certainly effective, they can be quite costly, and have limited application.

Add locks to upstairs balcony or patio doors and windows

Another area where LockLatch shines is in locking upstairs patio doors and windows. These entry points are often overlooked as homeowners assume the second storey is inherently more safe. Not only can LockLatch be fitted to any style of window or door, but also allows you to keep them open for improved fresh air and ventilation. 

Increase external or boundary wall security

Improved boundary security isn’t just a great security upgrade, but also a useful deterrent. These types of upgrades are particularly noticeable making them good for keeping the bad guys out, but also for providing peace of mind to potential buyers.

Electrified fencing

Not only are electric fences an effective deterrent, but they also don’t harm the aesthetics of the home, and generally don’t need expensive construction to take place, instead fitting onto your existing boundary fencing. If you go the electric route it is important to ensure they are  connected to your security system so you are notified of any faults.

Decorative wall Spikes

Spikes are a great alternative to an electric fence, and also serve the purpose of making your property more difficult to enter. It is important to remember that wall spikes can be overcome by a clever thief, but their purpose is to make accessing your property just that little bit harder.

Increase the height of the wall or fencing

There are a number of ways to increase the height of your property boundary, it could mean building a higher wall, or adding bars at the top of the wall. No matter which solution you choose, increasing the height of your exterior wall is an effective way to make your property more difficult for burglars to access.

Add additional motion-sensored external lighting

Motion sensor lighting can go a long way to augment your boundary security as it not only helps illuminate the wall, but because it is motion activated it can give a burglar a fright if they assume that the light has been switched on by the homeowner.

Add a unique pet door alternative

You never know if a potential home buyer has pets or not and in these situations, a dog door could either be to your advantage or a sticking point. Dog doors require you to cut a hole in the door and for a new homeowner without pets, this could be an issue knowing they will need to replace the door after purchase.


PetLatch from LockLatch is one device that allows you to give your pet access without cutting any holes in doors. This device is made from the same C304 stainless steel as LockLatch, but allows for an opening of between 16 and 24 cm (5.7 and 9 inches) making it an ideal pet door alternative for small to medium-sized dogs. PetLatch is also versatile enough to be fitted onto the door your dog already uses for coming and going, making it easier to train them to use the PetLatch secured door.

Keep outside sheds locked and secure

Outside sheds are often neglected when it comes to home security, but often they contain valuable tools and equipment. And while a decent lock can go a long way to protecting the equipment inside, they are also prone to mould that forms due to poor ventilation. This is where a device such as LockLatch shines, in allowing you to secure your shed door or window while still allowing fresh air to enter the building.

Ensure sufficient lighting around the shed 

Just like your perimeter fence, you can make your home a lot more secure by installing motion sensor lights that activate when someone approaches the shed. Poorly lit gardens are a favourite target for thieves and a light can help keep them away.

Add security to your garage

Not only does your motorhome house have expensive equipment, but it is also a way into your home, so it is important to not compromise when it comes to the security of your motorhome.

Locks to garage door

Garage doors can often be forced by opportunistic criminals, with conventional locks being relatively easy to break or override. That is why it is important to ensure that you install supplementary locks to ensure complete security. 

Don’t forget garage windows

These days garages may house more than a car, they could have expensive appliances, tools, home gym equipment and more. Any potential thief who peers through the window will see these. Devices such as LockLatch allow you to keep garage windows slightly ajar for ventilation, but also, and this can also provide great cross-ventilation when the garage door is opened a bit.

Add locks to the garage door that enters the house or garden

While it is essential to secure exterior access to your motorhome, it is also important to ensure that the doors that connect to the rest of your property are secured in case someone can gain access. Ensure these doors have adequate locks to prevent intruders from gaining access to your home.

Invest in your home with LockLatch today 

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, now is the best time to evaluate your home security and make sure it is up to your own personal standards and the standards of a potential home buyer. One of the simplest ways to secure the most vulnerable areas of the home is with the installation of a product from the LockLatch range. This versatile security device is a great way to make your home more marketable today.

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