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Preparing for a caravan holiday can be daunting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re slipping away for a low-key weekend or finally embarking on that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years. An increasing number of people in the UK are considering the kind of freedom only a caravan promises. It makes sense then that your home away from home should be in tip-top shape before you hit the road and one of the biggest concerns is caravan ventilation.


Everyone wants a holiday filled with balmy weather and picture-perfect sunsets, but unfortunately, mother nature often has other plans. Not only can an influx of dampness result in the onset of mould and rot, sadly it can also affect our health and general wellbeing. Mould can cause various ailments such as nasal complications and irritation of the respiratory system. 


No one wants to spend their entire holiday coughing, wheezing, or having to deal with eye and skin irritation. So to help you we’ve listed six tips below which will go a long way in keeping your circulation going!



Air conditioners have been popular since they were first invented. They are lightweight, efficient and give owners direct control over their ideal climate. Air conditioners provide an influx of fresh and de-humidified air while simultaneously filtering dust and dirt particles from the air. Most units can be powered by plugging them into a mains point, a generator, an inverter, or even the power supply of your vehicle. For those looking to lessen their impact on the environment we suggest looking into solar panels as a practical solution.


Caravan Ventilation



Caravan owners should seriously consider the installation of a roof light. Not only will they elevate your travel experience with a welcome bit of additional light, they also provide an excellent opportunity to improve the overall ventilation of your mobile home. Roof lights can be a life saver during the hotter (and clammier) months of summer. Modern units have been constructed to withstand anything the UK climate can throw at it so there’s no reason not to look into them. 


Caravan Ventilation



There are few things worse than trying to enjoy your evening meal while being assaulted by every insect known to man. Flyscreens are an ideal way to keep the bugs at bay without having to cut yourself off from the pleasant breeze of a summer’s eve. Those of you thinking of heading to Scotland or some of the lusher parts of Wales should take note. Not only will you be able to breathe freely during even the muggiest of months, but any bug trying to invade your caravan will have a tough time of it. For something complimentary also check out the various mosquito nets on the market.


fly screen



There are thieves out there. It’s a fact. We’re not trying to instil panic in our readers, we’re simply pointing out that break-ins do occur. Caravans are easy targets for prowling crooks but they don’t have to be. LockLatch products are being used in homes around the world because of their versatility, and in caravans for better security and caravan ventilation. Our lockable latches are a true DIY product and can be fitted yourself to any kind of window or door. You can leave your windows and doors open and they will remain locked in place to prevent opportunistic theft. LockLatch was originally designed for use in boats, by inventor Anthony Bairos after he grew tired of the petty crime which troubled him while sailing. The invention of this ingenious device has been a blessing to everyone who wants to improve their caravan’s ventilation whilst maintaining security. 


caravan ventilation



There’s more to ventilation than a horde of extractor fans whirring away tirelessly. A strong ventilation system does not only suck stale air out of a room, it guarantees a constant supply of fresh air. Background ventilation provides a passive boost of airflow while ensuring that the air around you is clean. Push-in vents, refrigerator vents, and mushroom vents are only some of the vents available to you. With so many options out there we suggest contacting a professional if you’re unsure about where to start. 


caravan ventilation



Inflatable awnings provide a simple and speedy solution for anyone looking to take their vacation on the road. These easily attachable accessories have become a favourite amongst caravan owners for good reason. If you’re on the hunt for a practical solution while caravanning, then you owe it to yourself to consider a step in this direction. Packing an inflatable awning not only saves you on space, but also allows you to take your cooking and dining activities outside. The hardest part of picking an awning? Finding the one that fits your personal style.


caravan ventilation




A Moisture Trap captures moisture and humidity while also alleviating the strain on your ventilation system. These clever devices protect your caravan from damp and mildew while also combatting musty odours. They are compact, portable and easy to take on a trip which makes them ideal for caravans. One unit can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks depending on the level of moisture they’re exposed to. There are plenty of options out there for you to consider but we thought we’d help you get started! 


caravan ventilation



We hope that this article has given you plenty to consider for your caravan ventilation problems. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have a tip or suggestion we’ve missed. We’re always looking for more tidbits to include in our future articles.  Send an email to Steve on [email protected], we’d love to hear from you.


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