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It is personal preference whether or not you prefer sleeping with closed or open windows at night and this might depend on a host of factors including the climate, levels noise and the general safety of the area to name a few, and while these are considerations, it can’t be disputed that in the right conditions sleeping with your windows open can have huge benefits for your general wellbeing. 

open windows at night

Why Sleep with your windows open at night?

There are many reasons for sleeping with your windows open at night, but the single most important one is ventilation. Sleeping in a poorly ventilated room leads to the build-up of Carbon Dioxide. When we sleep, we breathe in oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide. This is a natural process, however in a poorly ventilated space the carbon dioxide builds up and fills the room causing us to rebreathe the CO2. In extreme cases this can have quite serious health implications with people experiencing symptoms such as headaches and nausea, but in most cases, you will wake up feeling groggy with a mild headache. Sleep is so important to our health and wellbeing and in the long-term sleeping in a room with Carbon Dioxide build up will have a knock-on effect, affecting your ability to function during the day and lowering your ability to concentrate.

Luckily, there are a number of ways to remedy this and just a little airflow will disperse Carbon Dioxide in your room. You can look at using a fan to help circulate air while you sleep, this is a cost-effective solution. Or if you do not like sleeping with a fan you can make it a habit to air out your bedroom every morning by opening windows before you head out for the day. This does cause some security concerns, but more on that later.

The single most effective way to avoid Carbon Dioxide build-up is to keep windows open while you sleep. This allows fresh oxygen in, as well as allowing Carbon Dioxide to escape naturally.

Another important factor in choosing to keep windows open at night is for temperature control or thermoregulation. Besides getting darker at night, one of the biggest cues our body needs to fall asleep is a drop in temperature. As the sun goes down, the earth cools and our bodies subconsciously start relaxing and preparing for sleep. If your room is hot and stuffy this natural circadian rhythm is interrupted, and this can lead to trouble falling asleep or poor sleep quality.

Dr Christopher Winter, Medical Director at Charlottesville Neurology & Sleep Medicine, says that the perfect temperature for optimal sleep is between 60 – 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Our deepest state of sleep, the REM cycle, is extremely sensitive to temperatures; sleeping in temperatures above 75 degrees or below 54 degrees can have a negative impact on the brain’s ability to complete the REM cycle, which means you wake up feeling unrested and groggy.

Having the option to keep windows open when it is too hot greatly assists with thermoregulation in your room, allowing you to achieve the perfect conditions for a good night’s rest.

We have spoken quite a bit about how our body relies on the environment to receive the correct cues to help us fall asleep and sleep through the night. These natural rhythms can be severely disrupted by closed windows and one of the best ways to fix a poor or broken sleep cycle is to open your windows so your body can find its natural sleep rhythms again. Simply put, if you are having trouble falling asleep or are battling insomnia the answer could be as simple as opening a window.

open windows at night

Why doesn’t everyone sleep with open windows?

Besides personal preference there are a wide variety of situations where people would prefer to keep their windows closed at night. Thankfully, there are also a wide range of remedies to these problems allowing almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of better ventilation and temperature control. 

However, the most universally experienced problem with leaving your windows open at night is the issue of security. The FBI states that a burglary occurs every 25,7 seconds in the US. That is a staggering statistic and one worthy of consideration when you are sleeping with an open window. In fact, in a 2020 Survey conducted by Safewise found that the biggest crime concern for the majority of respondents was that of burglaries and home invasions. 

After the front door, first floor windows are the second most common entry point for burglars. Most burglars seek the path of least resistance and an open window provides a quick and easy way of gaining entry to the premises. 

Luckily, the entire home security industry is built on making it harder for opportunistic thieves to gain entry into your home. Two of the most common solutions are home security systems and burglar bars. While both these security solutions are tried and tested, they are not without their drawbacks. Home security systems can be prohibitively expensive. For instance, a comprehensive home security system from ADT costs around $60 per month, while the hardware will set you back $600 with a further $100 going to installation.

Burglar Bars, while undoubtedly be effective at preventing easy access to burglars, suffer from a different fault. They are ugly and intrusive and damage the general aesthetics of your home. We should not have to feel like we need to be locked away behind bars, simply to protect us from those people who should be.

So, what’s the solution?

What if there was a security solution that combined the subtlety of an expensive alarm system with the brutal effectiveness of burglar bars and allowed you to keep windows open while you sleep with total peace of mind? LockLatch is designed to do just that. This small, but strong device is designed to keep your window open, but firmly locked providing the dual benefit of a more secure home as well as improved ventilation. 

minilatch installed to provide extra layer of window security

There are a number of factors that make LockLatch different from other security solutions on the market. First and foremost is its versatility and adaptability. LockLatch can be fitted onto any type of door or window in a few minutes. It does not matter if it is a modern aluminum sliding window or a thick wood sash style window, LockLatch can be attached with the rivets or one-way security screws provided, with very little DIY knowledge, and is ready to use immediately. LockLatch is made from C304 stainless steel and the arm of the device is adjustable between 3,6 and 6,7 inches or 1,8 to 3,1 inches with MiniLatch, meaning you can also tailor how wide you want the window opening to be, further adding to the versatility of this device. 

keep windows open

Once installed the LockLatch is firmly locked in place with a removable key meaning your window is left ajar, but also locked and secured. LockLatch comes with a lifetime guarantee, as a testament to our faith in the quality of this security solution.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say!

Hi Steve That was ingenious. Thank you. Ken’s had to go out but we both wanted to say thank you for your help, for the great service from your office and for what hopefully will be the answer to our problem. We very much appreciate the time and effort put in. Best wishes, Brenda. Camberley, Surrey, UK

Good morning Steve Just wanted to say that it was bliss to have my bedroom window open last night and sleep knowing I didn’t need to have one hand on half a broom handle that is next to my bed! My eldest Daughter, who is a Police Sergeant, has been telling me for ages that I needed a different form of protection!! So easy to fit, even though the sticky thing lost it’s sticky and the lock fell out onto the porch roof below, so we had hysterics as I was hanging out trying to retrieve it as she held my feet!! Anyway, thank you very much. A very adaptable piece of kit, good quality, easy to fit, and most importantly, peace of mind. I am really pleased with it 🙂 Have a good day. Lucy

Hi, Got my lock, very impressed with the simple installation. Thanks for the great service and product! Regards, Darren


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