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Undeniably, safety is always a cause for concern for property owners and renters alike. Today, residential security is available in all shapes and sizes but maintaining the aesthetics of our property without losing important security-conscious functions is a hard balance to achieve. No longer is this impossible, introducing the all-new LockLatch!

LockLatch is a small yet effective solution that can be used in conjunction with all your other security features in your home, apartment, motorhome, RV or boat to prevent opportunistic theft without having to sacrifice your view through your windows and doors.

As a DIY installation, these lockable latches fit onto any door or window, allowing you to lock it in an open position. This means you can now give your pets the freedom to move in and out of your home and have a well-ventilated space, without feeling uneasy about leaving your windows or doors open.

One Lock Many Uses 

Whether we’re inside our homes or out for the day, having peace of mind that our belongings and property are safer and secure is just one more thing that we don’t have to worry about.

LockLatch is a lockable latch that attaches to any door, window or hatch. Constructed from high-grade C304 stainless steel, the U-bolt allows you to position and attach the unit to any door or window frame. Then, you simply attach the barrel to the opposite end of the U-bolt on the frame (where the locking pin drops in), which is then locked in place with a key – read here for full installation instructions.

Aside from security, installing LockLatch as a residential security solution comes with several benefits for you and your home:

  • Child Safety – Instead of closing and locking upstairs windows and doors, use LockLatch as a restrictor so that kids can’t fall out of windows or off
  • DIY – Forget having to call in a professional to install LockLatch. Whether your frame is wood, metal, PVC or aluminium, you can fit it yourself.
  • Guarantee – Thanks to the durable C304 stainless steel construction, these lockable latches are rust-proof and come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Pet Access – Don’t cut a hole in your door for animal access. LockLatch does an efficient job and even allows you to alter the size of the opening, depending on the pet.
  • Preventative – With LockLatch in place, not only is your residential security taken care of but it also stops your doors and windows from slamming during high winds.
  • Ventilation – As LockLatch locks your doors and windows in an open position, you can now have fresh air flowing through your home, without worrying about opportunistic burglars.
  • Versatile – The units are not restricted to one part of the home. As they fit any door or window, you can also use them on your boat, trailer or motorhome.

What do you get?

When you order LockLatch, you’re investing in a residential security device that you can use tactically as an extra layer of security along with other security measures around the home to prevent opportunistic theft.

Upon delivery, you’ll receive the unit in its entirety which is:

  • 4-hole barrel lock
  • Adjustable latch with locking pin and U-bolt
  • Keys
  • One-way screws
  • Pop rivets.

Safety First

So, if you’re looking for a little extra residential security to go hand-in-hand with your current security system, consider the one-size-fits-all and easy to install LockLatch as your go-to.

Delivered anywhere in the USA.

Order your LockLatch online today.

Door security lock - Locklatch

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