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According to UK studies, close to 500,000 children under the age of 4 are injured in the home every year, which of course makes child safety a top concern. One of the leading ways to make your home safer and give you maximum peace of mind is through child safety window locks. Which is where we come in! LockLatch™ is an adjustable lockable latch (or window restrictor) that allows you to leave any window open to let the fresh air in while still keeping windows locked and therefore safe for children.

Why Child Safety Locks for Windows are so Important

Child safety locks for windows are one of the most important ways you can ensure child safety in the home. With so many injuries happening each year due to insufficient window child safety, getting window locks installed is essential. Window restrictors (or window safety locks) are vital in preventing children from falling through open windows and LockLatch™ is one of your most cost effective choices. Not only do they allow you to keep the window open yet locked at the same time, but you are able to set the opening at a safe width ensuring that your children cannot get through.

The Benefits of Locklatch Window restrictors

LockLatch™ child safety window locks are one of the most competitively priced window restrictors on the market and are also highly versatile. Because they fit any window size, you only have to buy one product, LockLatch™, to upgrade your window safety and thus making your home more secure and increasing child safety ten fold.

LockLatch™ Window Safety Catches Cost You Less

Unlike a lot of other child safety window locks and window safety catches on the market, LockLatch™ is designed to increase your child window safety for less. Not only does our product fit on all window sizes, saving you time and money on searching for a specific sized child safety window lock , but because they are DIY friendly, they save you a fortune on professional installation fees as well. When it comes to child safety window locks, LockLatch™ wins every time!

Install Your Child Proof Window Locks Yourself.

If you are looking for a window restrictor that you can install yourself, without the need for expensive installation experts, then you have come to the right place. We designed LockLatch™ to be DIY-friendly, therefore eliminating the need for you to get professionals in to help install your child safety window locks. This means you can have you windows child safe and your home up to child safety standards in no time at all, letting you enjoy quality time with your family without the worry.

Get your Window Safety Locks Today

When it comes to child safety in the home, with so many child injuries per year in the UK, there is no time to waste! Our easy delivery process will ensure that you have your LockLatch™ window restrictor and your windows safely locked in no time.

We understand the worry parents have when it comes to child safety in the home, and making this small change to your window safety can give you maximum peace of mind, ensuring your children are safe and sound. If you are looking for child safety window locks that you can install yourself, that fit all window size and is competitively priced, then LockLatch™ is the ideal window restrictor choice for you.


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