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Indoor cat vs outdoor cat, it’s a hotly debated topic with strong opinions on both sides. Cats are wilful creatures and seem to benefit from increased freedom of movement, and responsible cat ownership, coupled with safe, and well managed sterilisation and adoption services can create an environment that is safe for outdoor cats. However, people living near sensitive natural areas and in the inner cities may prefer to keep their cat indoors. 

No matter which side of the conversation you fall, there is one range of products that offers you more control over the movements of your cat than any other on the market. The LockLatch is designed to let you leave a window or door open for your cat, while still locking it in place, while the MiniLatch acts as a window restrictor allowing you to partially open it to let air in, while keeping your pet indoors.

What Makes LockLatch the Ultimate Cat Door:

It’s flexible of course! Unlike traditional cat flaps and cat doors, LockLatch™ has an easy-to-install and adjustable design, offering far more flexibility when it comes to choosing the right sized pet door. This not only allows you to adjust the opening as your kitty grows but because it can fit onto any window or door (whatever it’s made of and whichever way it opens) it enables you to choose your pet door location based on what suits your cat best and what they are used to. And the same applies for MiniLatch, no matter what style of window you wish to secure, its flexible design means you can easily fit the device to it.

Keeps your feline friends happy

Whether you’re providing outdoor access for your cat by using a LockLatch as a cat door alternative, or using a MiniLatch to securely provide your cat with fresh air, sunlight and fresh air are very important for your furry friend’s wellbeing.

Reduces odours in your home 

It’s no secret that litter boxes leave a distinctive odour in your home. So regardless of whether you are leaving the window open for freedom of movement or to air the room and help dissipate smells, LockLatch lets you without compromising on your home security.

Appeals to their natural instincts 

While cats are viewed as playful and inquisitive, the reality is that they are natural predators. This can pose a wide range of issues with cats killing birds, small animals and insects. If you are going to let your cat roam, you should attach a bell to a quick release collar, to warn small creatures that they are being hunted.

Preserves your furniture 

One reason for allowing your cat to leave the house is protecting your furniture. No matter how many scratching posts you put inside your home, nothing can come between your cat’s need to sharpen their claws on your furniture. With access to the outside, they’re more inclined to utilise trees or other natural surfaces as scratching posts.

LockLatch: The low maintenance cat door

If you’re looking for a low maintenance cat flap that can be adjusted as your family pet grows Then LockLatch is a brilliant cat flap alternative for you. Traditional cat doors aren’t easy to install into doors and windows, often requiring professional installation and they are not easily adjusted either. But LockLatch™ is a true DIY product taking less than 15 minutes to install and it’s adjustable and flexible which makes it the lowest maintenance cat flap on the market.

An open door policy

If you live in a block of flats or in a multi-storey home then leaving the window open just isn’t an option. Here your cat will either be an indoor cat, or you will need to leave the door open, so that they can access the stairs. LockLatch provides a great way to leave your door ajar, but still locked, so that your cat can use it as an entry and exit point.

The Most Secure Cat Flap Option

One of the most unique and beneficial pros of choosing LockLatch™ as your cat flap alternative is its security. Traditionally installed cat flaps can be either locked (keeping your home and valuables safe and secure) or unlocked (giving your pet free access as a cat flap is designed to do). Offering no middle ground makes them highly inconvenient when trying to juggle between security and keeping your pet happy. This is why LockLatch™ is truly the cat flap king – offering all of the security, while still giving your pet full access. With LockLatch™ you can ensure your pet is happy and your home is safe.

cat using locklatch

A Flexible Cat Flap for Windows

What if a door is not the best place for your pet to access? What if you’re looking for a cat flap for windows instead? What if you need to keep your cat inside, but still open a window? LockLatch and MiniLatch answer all these questions.! They fit on any window type and size, which means you are able to place your cat flap on the most convenient window. The ability to place it on any window, and the fact that you can close the window completely whenever you need to, shows the LockLatch range’s versatility.

Benefits of LockLatch, including: 

Easy to install 

You don’t have to call a professional to attach them to your doors or windows. 


LockLatch is available in different sizes to accommodate your cat and can easily be positioned to your preferred height upon installation. 


It’s made from C304 stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 


Complete with a locking pin and key, once you’ve adjusted the positioning, you can lock the unit in place. 

If you’re wondering how to give your cat the freedom to be a cat, then LockLatch might be just what you’re looking for.

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