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LockLatch’s latch design was first thought of by Anthony Bairos, an avid sailor and founder of Locklatch, while he was sailing off the Brazilian coast. So it’s safe to say, like all boating enthusiasts, we know exactly how important it is to have peace of mind when it comes to ventilation, storage and marina security. No matter the kind of boat you own, we’ve put together this: how to keep your boat secure and safe guide, full of security tips and tricks to protect your pride and joy.

Tip 1: Parked or Drydocked.

Statistics show that most boat thefts occur when your boat is on its trailer. Making your boat immobile when it’s parked and increasing trailer security is one of the easiest deterrents you have in protecting your investment. If you have to keep your boat on your boat trailer, clamping the tires and securely chaining your trailer will ensure the least amount of security risk.

Tip 2: Stay vigilant.

No matter how secure you think the marina is, avoid leaving your boat keys around and in sight to prying eyes. It is also recommended that you install boat security systems such an alarm and tracking systems for added boat security. The alarm is a deterrent and a tracker, if you’re unlucky enough to have a boat stolen, will help you and the authorities track and reclaim it.  

Tip 3: Do you have more than one boat?

If your boat has an additional dinghy, it’s safer and better for boat security to store it chained to your primary boat with a secure cable.

Tip 4: Make your RIBs harder to steal!

Because rubber ducks are normally kept on trailers and out of the water, they become easy targets for thieves looking to hook up some loot and tow it away.  Ensuring you have trailer security systems in place and your boat trailer has a wheel lock and disabling the engine of your RIB when it is parked in the water will go a long way to securing your boat.

Tip 5: The Marina you choose, counts!

In the busier cities, where you have more choice, choosing where to harbor your boat can make a big difference to boat security and peace of mind. A marina that is well lit and offers full-time security will help you protect your boat. Additionally, always check in with harbor staff and employees when you’re back from a trip: The sooner an employee notices your boat is missing and maybe stolen, the quicker they can report it and the more likely it will be that you will find your stolen boat.

Tip 6: It’s not just about the boat!

It’s not only valuables and the boat itself that you have to worry about. Siphoning of fuel is a big concern for boat owners! Protect this valuable commodity for opportunist thieves by making sure the fuel cap you have fitted is able to lock for added boat security.

Tip 7: Ventilate without maximizing risk.

One of the biggest boat security risks when harbored is petty theft. Leaving windows closed for hours and sometimes days on end means you’re welcomed by a stuffy hot cabin and leaving them open is an invite to criminals to take what they want. Use window ventilation locks such as LockLatch, which fits windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, allows you to keep the fresh air in, and unwanted guests out. This is indeed how and why LockLatch was invented

Tip 8:Lock up your valuables.

If you’re leaving your boat unattended, parked or in a marina, for extended periods of time it’s suggested that you take all valuables, from fishing gear to electronics, with you. For shorter periods, where removing equipment is not convenient, install secure cupboards and other boat security systems to store these valuables. It is also recommended to keep an up-to-date inventory of these items so that if you’re unfortunate enough to have a theft, you know exactly what has been taken in a timely fashion. This makes it much easier for insurance claims and for authorities to track.

Tip 9: Defend your dinghy!

It is reported that one quarter of all boat insurance claims are from stolen dinghies. This is because these smaller, easier to maneuver boats are much easier targets. To help secure your dinghy and increase boat security: keep trailer wheels clamped, keep it stored out of sight when parked at home and make sure you remove all removable items such as lifejackets and booms when leaving your boat unattended.  

There you have it, your How to Keep Your Boat Safe and Secure Guide! If you have any ideas on boat security,  DIY home security or tips on how to prevent burglaries please send your suggestions to [email protected] and we’ll publish and credit the author.


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