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So you’re thinking of going on holiday in your caravan, and while your thoughts will turn to open roads and the adventures that await you, one area that deserves some thought is the security of your caravan or Recreational Vehicle. Whether it is caravan window security whilst on holiday or ensuring your caravan is safe when you aren’t around, this article takes a deeper look at what some of the biggest security issues are when it comes to caravans and some of the measures you can take to mitigate these.

Caravans easy access points for burglars

Caravan security is closely tied to ventilation. The connection may not be obvious at first, but if you think about it, the only real security weak spots on a caravan are the openings intended to let fresh air in. Doors, windows and ventilation points are the only access points for burglars and so it will serve you well to focus your security measures on these important areas. 

Ventilation is important in caravans as they often have poor natural air circulation and can get rather stuffy as a result. And while you may feel comfortable leaving a window open when the caravan is occupied, it can be risky to do this when you are out and about exploring your destination.



While caravan doors can be locked this doesn’t make them completely secure. While the quality of the door lock may vary depending on what type of caravan you own, many can be forced open or broken by thieves. This is when it pays to add a supplementary locking mechanism to help make this entrypoint secure. 

Another factor to consider is the role of caravan doors in ventilation. While windows are generally seen as the most important source of airflow, one key principle of adequate ventilation is the idea of cross ventilation. This refers to the drought created when you let fresh air blow in at one opening and stale air out another. Here your caravan door can be a great way to create this natural air flow. However, this is only possible if you can keep the door open, which poses a security risk.



The fact that caravan windows are so important for ventilation and are often left open when the owners leave to explore their holiday destination, means that they are a prime target for thieves. And while many windows come with latches to allow you to keep them slightly ajar, these can be forced open by thieves. This means that the only way to ensure your caravan is secure is to close and lock your windows every time you venture out, which means you will return to a stuffy caravan that needs to be aired out each day.


Ventilation openings

The final caravan opening we wish to cover are ventilation openings, which can include conventional air vents as well as roof hatches. Roof hatches are another important source of ventilation due to the fact that warm air rises and collects in the upper areas of the interior, so these openings are a great way to let this warm, stale air escape safely and allows new fresh air to take its place. However, just like doors and windows, roof hatches can be used by burglars to gain entry to your caravan if left open and unattended.


Security options for your caravan’s windows

Now that we have a better understanding of the link between proper ventilation and security, let’s take a look at one security option, which allows you to both make your caravan more secure while still allowing you to keep doors, windows and roof hatches open to allow for natural caravan ventilation.

LockLatch is an innovative, patented product that acts as a caravan door catch or window lock, allowing you to leave these entry points open, but securely locked. Very few of the available solutions allow you to both improve security and ventilation simultaneously, but LockLatch ticks these boxes.

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Window locks

Caravan windows can be made from a variety of materials and come in different styles and while this may be a problem for other security solutions, the versatile and ingenious design of the LockLatch window lock device means it can be installed in minutes on any type of caravan window with just a little DIY knowledge. Once in place the opening can be adjusted using the C304 stainless steel arm to ensure that the gap is wide enough to allow a fresh breeze to enter, but too narrow for a thief to force their way in. The device also fits just as easily onto roof hatches, which means you can leave these open even when you are away from the caravan enjoying your holiday.


Door locks

While it is possible to leave both windows and roof hatches open through the night, doors are a different story. Yet they can be very important for creating cross ventilation in the caravan. Not only is the LockLatch device designed to fit onto any type of caravan door, but it allows you to lock the door in an open position, solving this ventilation problem, while at the same time improving door security.

LockLatch also helps protect your caravan door from strong winds and storms as it stops the doors slamming or breaking their hinges.


Benefits of Caravan window locks

We’ve briefly covered some of the advantages of lockable latches such as LockLatch, including increased security and ventilation, in the following section we take a look at these benefits in more detail.



Whether you live in your caravan or simply use it for the summer, you know all too well that getting fresh air in is a priority. As we do so much in our caravans – including cooking, sleeping and bathroom usage, ensuring that you have a good flow of air is a must. Now, even if you’re going out for the day, with LockLatch you can lock your doors and windows in place, to ensure it stays ventilated while you are out.


Great deterrent for would burglars

Burglars are on the lookout for easy targets and if they see a security device such as a LockLatch they will often move on in search of a softer target. 


Increases airflow

As we mentioned earlier in the article good ventilation is dependent on natural airflow and cross ventilation. Because LockLatch allows you to keep your caravan door, window or roof hatch open, even when you are away, you are assured of natural ventilation throughout the day to ensure stale air doesn’t build up in your caravan and it stays cool and fresh.


How LockLatch can increase your caravan safety and security 

Each LockLatch is made from C304 stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee, which just goes to show how tough and hard wearing it is. We’ve spoken about the benefits of LockLatch at length and how the unique design and versatility makes it a universal solution to caravan security. Why not make your caravan more secure (and less stuffy) today by installing a LockLatch.


 When you order your units from us, you’ll also receive the one-way screws and pop rivets, to ensure that you’ll have no problem fitting your LockLatch.

Get your LockLatch today to improve your caravan window security.

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