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If you’re one of the two million UK residents who take holidays in a caravan or motorhome, then you’re probably thinking how you can get out on the road a few more times during the autumn months. However, the boom in the British ‘staycation’ has also led to an increase in caravan related crime. This includes the actual theft of caravans as well as petty theft and caravan break-ins at parks. This article focuses on the latter, taking a deep look at some of the measures you can take to make your caravan more secure.

Security options for your caravan

Most caravan and motorhome break-ins are crimes of opportunity or the work of petty criminals. Since caravan parks are public spaces and they are visible to other visitors, these criminals are looking for easy targets that they can be in and out of in minutes. This means that even small security upgrades can go a long way to improving your caravan security.

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Window locks

Most conventional caravan latches are designed to allow for partial opening of the window to allow fresh air to ventilate the interior. However, these latches are notoriously flimsy and can be forced open, giving a thief access to everything inside. The best way to counter this is by installing a secondary window latch to provide an extra layer of security. Devices such as the LockLatch or MiniLatch are designed to serve this very function. Their patented design features an adjustable arm that allows you to keep your window open while ensuring the gap is too small for a burglar to slip through. Furthermore, the C304 stainless steel construction comes with a lifetime guarantee showing just how tough it is.

Door locks

The aforementioned LockLatch is also great for keeping your caravan doors slightly ajar. This can be really essential in the warmer months when airflow is so important for ventilation. Because you can keep the door open, but securely locked you can create cross-ventilation through the whole caravan. LockLatch is designed for easy installation and comes with pop rivets so all you will need to install it on your caravan is a pop rivet gun and a few minutes of your time.

Add a security safe

If someone does manage to force their way into the caravan you need a secure spot to keep your valuable items and documents. Criminals are generally looking for small, but high-value items, so you should store your cash, jewellery, electronics and passports in a safe when you are not inside. Even a small security safe that can be fitted to a secure surface should suffice.

Add smash and grab to windows

Even after you add a lockable window latch, a criminal could still break the acrylic windows to gain entry. So to make your windows completely secure you should look at installing smash-and-grab security film. This treatment prevents the acrylic from coming apart or shattering when it is broken and even adds to the structural integrity. This, in combination with LockLatch, will go a long way to burglar-proofing your caravan windows.

Invest in a coupling lock

A coupling lock fits over the coupler of the caravan and generally prevents it from being attached to a tow ball. This means your caravan can’t be hooked up to another vehicle and towed away. This is a simple and cost-effective way to prevent the theft of the caravan itself along with everything that may be inside.

Wheel Clamping

Another great way to prevent your caravan from being towed away when it isn’t coupled to your vehicle is with a wheel clamp. This is a great security measure, whether your caravan is in storage or at a caravan park. 

Add a tracker

If your caravan is stolen you will want to get it back, and this is where a tracking device comes into play. Satellite trackers allow you to pinpoint the position of your caravan allowing for its swift recovery. Companies like, have products specifically designed for caravans and offer a 95% recovery rate.

Security options for long-term caravan storage

It’s an unfortunate reality that most caravans spend more time in storage than they do on holiday. Below we look at some ways you can make sure your caravan is safe and secure when it is not in use.

Wheel Clamping

We’ve already mentioned wheel clamps and these are a great way to make sure your caravan isn’t stolen when not in use. 

Secure all windows and doors 

While your caravan is in storage it can still be the target of a break-in. That’s why it is important to make sure all doors and windows are securely locked. It is also important to ensure that your caravan is properly ventilated when not in use to stop the formation of mould and mildew caused by poor ventilation. This is where a LockLatch really comes in handy as it allows you to keep a window slightly open, but still locked. 

Select the right location to store your caravan

Where you choose to store your caravan is also an important factor in determining how safe and secure it is when not in use. Here you generally have two options, if you have enough space you can store it at home. Alternatively, if there is no secure parking space available at your home you can look into keeping it at a secure storage facility.

At your home

If you are storing your caravan at home you may need to take a few measures to ensure it is safe. We have already spoken about wheel clamps and coupling locks which will prevent a cunning thief from towing it away, but it is even better to keep it behind a locked gate or chained to a sturdy pole or fencing to make sure it stays where you left it.

At a secure storage facility 

While a secure storage facility should already have security measures in place to keep your caravan safe. You should still be sure that the caravan is securely locked to stop anyone from gaining access to the interior, as well as taking the other measures already mentioned such as installing lockable window and door latches, wheel clamps and coupling locks for that extra layer of security.

Add an extra security layer to your caravan with LockLatch devices.

Why not start making your caravan more secure today by ordering a LockLatch device?

Since it can be installed on any type of caravan door or window in just a few minutes, there is no quicker, simpler and more cost-effective way to secure your mobile holiday home.

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