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When it comes to pet access, we at LockLatch™ have keen insights into why it’s so important that your family dog has comfortable access in and out of the home. We also understand the problems pet owners face when choosing the right doggy door. Having the right dog door for your home and your pet, that affords your dog the freedom, while still ensuring your home security, is so important…This is why we invented LockLatch™, the ultimate doggy door alternative that saves you time, money and frustration.

Why LockLatch™ Makes the Best Doggy Doors

Unlike traditional dog doors such as dog door flaps, sliding door dog doors and patio dog doors, LockLatch™ offers far more security and flexibility. However, the doggy door benefits don’t stop there! Not only does LockLatch™ require no professional pet access installation, but because LockLatch™ fits all windows and doors, it allows you to place and move your dog door as and when it’s needed.

With LockLatch™, Dog Doors are Easy to Install

Say goodbye to complicated, permanent doggy door flap installations with LockLatch™. Traditional doggy doors are expensive to install and even more expensive to uninstall, which is why we designed LockLatch™. LockLatch™ can be installed to any window or door – saving you tons of time and money. Because it’s adjustable, you can adjust to the size of your dog door as your puppy grows. Plus, if your dog is already using a chosen door while waiting for a dog door to be installed, with LockLatch™ you don’t need to retrain your puppy to use another dog door as you might need to with a permanent flap which as far less flexibility on placement options- score!

The Cheapest Doggy Door Option

Because LockLatch™ fits any window or door size, it is not only a brilliant doggy door alternative but so much cheaper! As LockLatch™ can be installed without the help of a professional, it’s the most DIY-friendly dog door product on the market and gives you maximum control. This not only saves you tons of hassle but lots of dosh on having to get your handyman in to install your doggy door! Couple that with the fact that it’s competitively priced and fits all doors, LockLatch™ is the ideal doggy door alternative.

LockLatch™, Your Most Secure Doggy Door Option

When it comes to pet access and dog doors, home security is a big concern for homeowners. Traditional dog doors and dog flaps can either be open (leaving your home vulnerable) or locked (leaving your pet trapped),causing constant frustration. LockLatch™ makes it possible for you to leave the door open enough for your dog, but locked and secure at the same time. An added bonus is the ability to move your LockLatch™ dog door when needed, allowing you to fully secure your home.

If you are looking for the ultimate doggy door alternative that you can install where needed, move when needed and adjust as your dog grows, then LockLatch™ is for you! Cost effective, secure and flexible, what else could you – and your puppy – want from your doggy door!

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