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Summer is in full swing and there’s nothing better than taking the caravan up the coast for a little weekend R&R. However, as any caravan owner will tell you, there are two main concerns when caravaning – ventilation and security. To help you navigate these issues, we’ve put together 8 caravan security and safety tips to help keep your caravan safe, on and off the road. So you can spend your time and vacation as it should be: comfortable and worry-free.

1: Location, location, location

One of the most important security measures you can take is choosing the right location. Whether it’s for storage during the colder months when you’re stuck in the office or when heading off on your next outdoor adventure, choosing the right spot is vital for keeping your caravan and your belongings safe. When exploring, choose a park with good safety records and park your caravan close enough to you so that you can keep a regular watch on it. When your caravan is not in use, make sure you are storing it behind lock and key.

2: Letting the air in and keeping the crooks out

There is nothing worse than getting back to a caravan that’s been standing in the summer sun (with all the doors and windows locked) while you’ve been off fishing for the day. You return to your caravan hot and stuffy! Products such as LockLatches, which fit on all types of caravan doors and windows, are a great way to let the air in, while keeping the petty thieves out! Click here to see all the uses of LockLatch.

3: Clamp those wheels

Whether you’re traveling, or parking your caravan at home for the winter, a wheel clamp is a great safety addition. A wheel clamp or lock, the same kind a traffic cop may use if you park in the wrong place, prevents your caravan wheels from turning and therefore rendering it immobile and ultimately making it almost impossible to steal.

4: Are your valuables safe?

As an added precaution – keep your valuables (wallets, phones, passports etc) out of sight and difficult to find. Keep them in a hidden cupboard or hiding place whether you’re ‘home’ or out and about beaching. Caravan parks are busy places and, even if you’re around the campsite, a phone or wallet on a counter can be very tempting to even the most shy of pickpockets.

5: Install security systems.

There are a variety of security systems you can install to add security to your caravan. The two main systems are GPS trackers and battery powered alarms. Trackers use GPS to be able to track your caravan should a burglar manage to drive off with your vehicle. While a battery powered alarm system, that works like a home alarm system, allows you to arm your alarm when leaving your caravan unattended when out for the day. This way, if anyone does try to get in, the alarm will sound and alert everyone in the park to their attempts.

6: Lock up

There are a few must-have locks in order to keep your caravan safe when on and off the road. These include a coupling lock that stops the coupling latch from being able to be lifted, which in turn will make it impossible for your caravan to be towed away by another vehicle. Another cost effective way to way to prevent theft is to place a chain and pad-lock around the caravan’s drawbar or by tying two wheels together.

7: Install a secure screen door

Upgrading your regular screen door to a secure screen door not only gives you a lot more peace of mind when you pop out for the day or go for a quick shower, it also increases the value of your caravan. Replacing the flimsy screen door will deter any unwanted guests from getting into your caravan when you’re out or sleeping.

8: Storing your caravan for the winter

When you’re heading back from your vacation, don’t forget to drain the toilet and water heater, cover exhaust vents to keep critters out and clean out the perishables. It is also recommended that you store your caravan on jacks – this not only helps take the pressure off the tread, it makes your caravan much harder to steal when you’re not on the road.

There you have it, 8 easy caravan security and safety tips to ensure your caravan is secure both on and off the road. Have some tips of your own? We’d love to hear from you!

Please send your suggestions to [email protected] and we’ll publish and credit the author.

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