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home invasion security tips

The thought of a home invasion leaves a lot of us feeling vulnerable and afraid for our family’s well-being. However, there are some things we can do to help prevent and deter this type of crime so that we can feel more secure and in control and thus, having more peace of mind. They say the best prevention is planning and education so we collected these 5 home security tips to help you reduce the risk and prevent a home invasion.

1: Check, Check and Check Again

Put together a home security checklist and get the family to participate. A checklist goes a long way when you are leaving or arriving home. Ensure that you double check that all your doors, windows and garages are locked and secure. Even the smallest of security measures taken can help with home invasion safety.

2: Don’t Forget the Basics

Burglar prevention tactics also go a long way to home invasion prevention. These include making sure your home and property are always well-lit and keeping the bushes and trees around your home well trimmed. Both of these help to illuminate dark areas where would-be criminals could easily hide out of sight while they wait for the opportunity to break in.

3: Early Warning Home Security – Trust Your Gut

When it comes to home invasions there is no such thing as being overly cautious.  Early warning can help protect you and your family, especially when you’re at your most vulnerable: entering and leaving your home. Use peepholes or video intercoms before opening doors or gates. If something doesn’t feel right when you come home, you see something out of place that seems suspicious, or your dog who never barks, barks – don’t wait for confirmation, push your panic button or call your security company.

4: Make a Home Invasion Safety Plan

We know it’s a morbid topic and a difficult one to discuss, especially with young children, but making a home invasion safety and home invasion prevention plan is vitally important for your family’s safety. From stranger-danger talks, home security checklists and discussing what to do in the worst-case scenarios, can help deter and reduce the danger to your family in the event of a home invasion.

5: Home Improvements to Prevent Home Invasions

Installing solid core doors, heavy-duty locks and window security systems like alarms and window restrictors such as LockLatches, can help stall a would-be invader. Stalling for time is one of the best home invasion prevention methods, as it gives you time to alert your security company or neighbours to a possible home invasion threat.

We hope these five prevention tactics offer extra peace of mind. Read our top 10 home security tips for further safety methods to help your family stay safe.

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