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If you are looking to increase home security for minimal costs, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Improving your house security against opportunistic threat will dramatically give you more peace of mind. However, making these changes doesn’t have to cost you the earth With some simple DIY home security projects and some double checking, your home can be more secure in no time. Here are 7 home security tips we  have put together that will cost you nothing.

1: Do Some Gardening

One of the best preventative measures you can make, is to do some pruning. This increases home safety and security dramatically as burglars love overgrown shrubs to hide in. Trimming bushes back will increase house security and help prevent your home being a favorable target for opportunistic theft. Another gardening DIY home security change you can make, is to plant thorny bushes below windows and other accessible entries, making it a lot more difficult for thieves to get in.

2: Going on Vacation?

If you and the family are going away this summer, don’t forget your mail! One of the best ways to protect your home  is for you can take is asking a neighbor to pick up your mail from time to time or to stop subscriptions altogether during this time. This is because, to an opportunistic burglar walking around your neighborhood, piled up mail is a sign that no one has been home for a while – making your home an easy target.

3: Put Those Ladders Away

Leaving your ladder around for anyone to use, includes would-be thieves. Ensuring you have put your ladder out of sight is one of the easiest home security tips, as a ladder gives criminals access to upstairs windows that you may have forgotten to close.

4: Get to Know Your Neighbors

Building a community around you is essential for house security and doesn’t cost a thing. Being on good terms with your neighbors will ensure they can keep an extra eye out when you’re away. They will notice more easily if there is something or someone suspicious, giving you more of a support system if something goes wrong and vice versa.  

5: Hide the Evidence

If you have just moved in, or have upgraded any of your electronics such as TV’s or computers, then this one if for you. Leaving empty boxes from new electronics and high-end purchases are like a neon sign pointing to criminals that your home has some lucrative loot. Instead, to increase residential security, hide those boxes by taking them to your local dump instead of having them in your home rubbish bins for everyone to see.

6: Be More Vigilant

Opportunistic thieves can strike anytime and anywhere. So no matter how safe your neighborhood is, always be on the defensive by remaining vigilant. Always latch or lock your doors and gates to your home and garage. Never open the door without checking through the peephole first. Don’t hide your spare keys on the property or give your alarm codes out freely. Also consider using your light timers, that way if you get home late from work, your home will still look lived in – which is a great home security tip.

7: Give Your House Security a Boost

Boost your home security with this simple DIY home security system hacks. Have a sliding door at home without a gate? Simply place a wooden stick – such as a broom handle – across the width of the door on the tracks to prevent someone being able to open it from the outside.   

As you can see, house security improvements don’t have to be expensive  and we hope that these 7 home security tips give you a lot more peace of mind.

If you have some DIY home security tips of your own, we would love to hear from you so email us at [email protected]


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