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We all know that securing the home is paramount, but safety protocols can sometime be a costly business. However, increasing your home security doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require installation experts. Whether you are a DIY guru or a novice, we’ve put together seven easy DIY security projects to help you make quick changes to dramatically improve home security this weekend.

DIY Security Tip 1: No dog? No problem!

Barking dog monitors are a great break-in deterrent and alternative to owning a dog. This is particularly helpful for people living in cottages, apartments and flats where having a pet is not optimum. These alarms sound, as a barking dog, when people get to within a certain distance to the door and are easy to install and are set up near the front door by screws.

DIY Security Tip 2: Reinforce your Doors

Are your doors safe? Using inferior locks or having mail slots are just some of the things that weaken doors and make them more susceptible to breaking. There are numerous DIY tasks you can do this weekend to reinforce your doors. These include replacing regular locks with stronger deadbolts, replacing wooden with steel frames and drilling long wood screws into door frames for added security

DIY Security Tip 3: Secure your windows

More often than not, burglars gain access through windows. This is because so often when it comes to locking, securing and alarming, windows are often overlooked. Using your DIY time to double check your window locks and install window latches, will double your security with virtually no hassle at all. LockLatches are easy to install and will ensure you are safe at home to leave your windows open.

DIY Security Tip 4: Do some pruning & planting

There are two gardening DIYs you can do this weekend to help increase home security. The first is to trim overgrown bushes, trees and shrubs that can possibly act a great hiding place for thieves. This is vitally important near doors and the garage where criminals may hide to gain quick access to your home. The next DIY project is to do some planting! Thorny shrubs planted under the windows are a great preventative measure and look pretty too!

DIY Security Tip 5: Protect your privacy

Having windows without blinds or curtains are an invitation for would-be criminals to get a closer look into your home to asses what valuables you have that they may find worth-while stealing. Not to fear, there is a quick DIY fix to get you feeling at ease in no time. Head down to your local home store such as Mr Price, and look for an easy to install blind. These are relatively inexpensive, simpler to install and offer an easy fix to preventing this security breach.

DIY Security Tip 6: Light it up!

Illuminating your driveway is key to eliminating those hiding spots, alerting your neighbours to wonder when you’re out and adding extra safety when returning home. Motion detector flood lights are a great way to achieve this and if you’re up for a little more of a DIY challenge, you can easily install this weekend.

DIY Security Tip 7: Fake it ‘till you make it

Security cameras, although a super deterrent, are an expensive measure that isn’t affordable for most homeowners or renters.There’s a cheaper, sneaker solution that you can install this weekend. Stores like Amazon sell realistic fake security cameras that are not only easy to install, but will make thieves think twice about breaking into your home.

Follow these 7 easy security DIY tips this weekend and you will be more relaxed in the knowledge that your home is safer and more secure when you leave for work this Monday.

Have some of your own tips to deal with contractors and handymen?  We would love your input. Please send your suggestions to [email protected] and we’ll publish and credit the author.


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