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Home security tips are easy to come by, and there are many devices and measures you can take to improve the general security of your home. However, the installation of slam-lock gates, burglar bars or complicated alarm systems can be expensive, and for people who own property in security estates or golf estates the problems can be confounded by the aesthetic guidelines outlined in the estate’s rules. For many homeowners, this means that safety precautions such as burglar bars are just not an option.


This doesn’t just apply to homeowners in estates, people who rent property can face similar challenges, with landlords or body corporates ruling with an iron fist and not allowing simple upgrades that can improve the safety of a house.


LockLatch is an ideal solution for these instances because not only is it easy-to-install, but it’s also effective in several instances.


  1. Bye-bye Burglar Bars


Many gated communities and estates don’t allow the installation of burglar bars, in fact a lot of traditional home security tips don’t apply to estate living. As security complexes, they might not see the need for them or have clear aesthetic guidelines prohibiting them. However, many of us might not feel secure in our homes without secure windows and want that extra bit of safety installed.


The LockLatch design is sleek, unobtrusive and an effective way to secure and feel safer in your home, by being able to lock doors and windows in an open position.


  1. Easy Pet Access


If you’re fortunate enough to live in a complex that allows pets, it’s important to adhere to the rules about them.


As a blanket rule in any gated estate, animals must not become a nuisance to other residents – one aspect of this being excessive or unnecessary noise.


Now, we can’t tell you all the ways to keep your pet quiet but one thing you can do is ensure that they can get in and out of your unit easily, by using a LockLatch device. This not only gives them the peace of mind to move around freely and not have to bark every time for you to let them out, but it also ensures that they can get outside to do their business and not risk ruining your carpets.


  1. Keeping up Appearances


In this world, opportunistic thieves are everywhere – sad but true. So, it’s easy to understand why we don’t want to leave windows or doors open, even in security complexes. However, if you’re not allowed to install security gates or burglar bars either, where does that leave the homeowner or tenant?


Well, being able to lock your doors or windows in an open position, without breaking any body corporate rules is an ideal home security tip worth investing in.


Safety First


Whether you live on a boat in a marina, an apartment block, townhouse complex or gated community, you don’t have to compromise the aesthetics of your place, your deposit or contract with your landlord for the sake of your security.


Purchase LockLatch today for a comprehensive and easy-to-install solution.


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