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People can spend a small fortune on toys for their pets, and often their favorite toy will be something that is simply lying around the house, like an old tennis ball or shoe that they just can’t get enough of. So in the spirit of making do with what’s lying around the house we’re sharing 5 of our favorite DIY dog toys from around the web, with videos showing how you can also make them at home.


This video shows you how to make a really cool toy out of your old T-shirts. Old T-shirts make great pet toys, not just because it’s reusing something you would ordinarily throw away, but because animals love their owners scent on the fabric. The toy featured in this video uses strips of T-shirt and an old tennis ball to construct a strong but simple throw toy, that’s sure to bring hours of fun to you and your pup.


A Kong Toy gets its name from the most famous manufacturer of these types of toys. Basically a Kong Toy is a toy that dispenses food as your dog plays with it. While there are many types of these toys available on the market, the one we wanted to show you today uses a water bottle and some tape to make a really cheap and fun little toy for your dog. 


An even simpler take on our previous toy! All you will need to make this one is an old tennis ball, a knife and some of your dog’s favorite dry food. Then you simply cut a flap in the tennis ball, fill it with treats and let them do the rest. One thing to be mindful of is that the rubber and fur on a new ball might irritate or even hurt your dog. So it is best to use an old tennis ball and make sure there are no sharp edges where your pup might cut themselves.


This particular toy is as simple to make as tying a knot. A simple (safe for chewing) rope is a great way to keep your dog happy for hours. In this video you can see how to create a simple knot that will give your dog something to hold onto when he is chewing or a bit of weight to allow you to throw it further when you are out on a walk. It is very important  to not allow your dog to chew on a rope if it isn’t a chew safe rope, you can use ordinary rope as a throwing toy, but not for chewing.


From the simplest project on our list to the most complicated, while this project will take some sewing skills it’s far from complicated and we just loved it too much to leave it off our list. Essentially, the brilliant part about this toy is the “squeaker” inside. You can get these from most toy shops or sewing shops and makes a squeaking sound when your pup bites down on it. This will keep him chewing away for hours.

So these are just a handful of some of our favorite DIY dog toys. We hope this helps and encourages you to too make some fun DIY toys out of you old belongings.

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