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The 26th of August is National Dog Day! That’s right, a day dedicated to spoiling your pooch and celebrating just how much a part of your family they are. If you want to spend this dog day doing creative DIY home projects to show your appreciation and love, then you have come to the right place!

There are tons of ways to celebrate National Dog Day, from adopting a new rescue puppy to throwing your own National Dog Day party for your mates and all their pups. But what could be better than a gift that stands the test of time? If you are looking for some long lasting ways to spoil your dog, here are 6 easy DIY projects you can do to show your dog just how much you care!

1: A Chew Toy Made With Love

What better way to spoil your dog this dog day, than by making a homemade chew toy they will love. It’s as easy as taking an empty plastic bottle, water or cola, and putting into an old, festive sock. Then, tie off the end and presto: one chew toy made with love and the easiest DIY project you’ll ever do.

2: Custom Make a Comfy Dog Bed

Why not pamper your pooch with a homemade dog bed! Like this easy DIY dog bed from Country Living Magazine. 

3: Bake Your Own Dog Treats

Fancy yourself a master chef and looking for DIY home projects for the kitchen? Then how about making your pets some of these quick and healthy homemade dog treats from Your Dog Advisor! From frozen peanut butter yogurt dog treats to your basic dog biscuits, there is a tasty dog treat for even the most discerning of tastes this National Dog Day.


4: New Doggy Door in Minutes

Looking for the best doggy door replacement that requires virtually no DIY at all? One that is cheaper and easier to install? Then look no further than our very own PetLatch. Install your dog door alternative in just 15 minutes to improve your pet’s way of life without compromising on home security and summer ventilation. Looking for more doggie door tips? Here are 7 key things to consider before choosing your dog door.


5: Make Your Own Doggy Shampoo

Soap Deli News have just the DIY project for you! Their homemade dog shampoo is said to be particularly helpful for those dogs that may have sensitive skin, but can work on any dog with troubled coats. Mixing butters and oils to give your dog a soothing wash they will  enjoy.


6: A DIY Dog Bowl Fit for a King

Make your dog feel like a king this National Dog Day with an easy-to-make DIY dog bowl that will jazz up your home as well. Easy to adapt to any size dog bowl, make your pooch will feel extra special with these sleek DIY bowls.

We hope you and your furry friends have a fun National Dog Day and we look forward to seeing all those dog selfies.

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