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We can write almost endlessly about why we think our product is great, but there is no better feeling than hearing it from our fans. There are so many features and benefits to LockLatch, but probably the greatest one is its versatility. LockLatch, PetLatch and MiniLatch can fit on so many types of doors and windows and that’s why so many people around the world have found it to be the perfect door and window security solution for them. Whether you are looking to allow safe ventilation in your home; make your home more secure; or need to offer a pet more freedom of movement, LockLatch could be just what you’re looking for. But enough preamble, let’s look at some of the things LockLatch users have said about our product.  




Exactly what we were looking for. We have no windows in our bedroom, just the French door. The wife wanted to feel more secure in leaving it open overnight for air flow, and so this is perfect. Jordan Drew, Victoria, BC, Canada


Because LockLatch can be fitted to just about any door or window it provides the perfect solution when the architectural or finishes on your property don’t allow for more conventional security options. French doors can be a challenge if you want to leave them open at night because they open outward, so a burglar bar or security gate on the outside is not an option. LockLatch allows you to keep these doors open, but locked.


The purpose of the item is to hold my front door securely ajar when I’m here. I live in a basement flat in a busy part of Central London which lacks ventilation so can get quite damp. My only viable options are to open the front door and tiny back window. The problem is that because the flat is so tiny my front door opens outward and is clearly visible from the street, but not from in the house, so opportunists could spot that. Your solution has now allowed me to fix the door, securely enough, to stop any opportunism, while giving me a safe ventilation solution. Matthew Spall, London, UK.


  door and window security


Staying on the topic of ventilation, small flats and basements suffer from poor ventilation due to lack of airflow from one side of the apartment to the other. This is especially true in colder climates or places where there is a lot of damp, and can have far reaching consequences for health and wellbeing. As Matthew explains above, LockLatch allows you to keep your flat door ajar creating airflow from one side of the property to the other. This not only makes sure you get enough fresh air, but also reduces the chance for mould or mildew to start forming in your home.  




It was really easy to install and is doing exactly what it is supposed to. Thanks very much. Clint Wilson


door and window security



A short and sweet comment about a short and sweet installation process. LockLatch is surprisingly easy to install. To install LockLatch all you will need is either a drill and screwdriver, or pop rivet gun and a bit of DIY knowledge. The device takes about fifteen minutes to install. We even supply detailed step-by-step instructions for aluminium, wooden, metal and uPVC frame installation. Each LockLatch comes with the screws or rivets you require, meaning you can install it the minute it arrives.  


Hello. Just to show you some evidence of baboon tampering with our LockLatch windows. Fingerprints! They couldn’t get in. Yay LockLatch! Wayne, George, South Africa


door and window security



Depending on where you live burglars might not be your biggest concern. As Wayne from South Africa indicates in his review his “burglars” are of the primate variety. In places where humans live close to animals (especially baboons and monkeys) these animals can become a real nuisance and sometimes even a danger. LockLatch helps prevent these animals from accessing your home and wreaking havoc in your kitchen.



It should be obvious from the testimonials and reviews in this article that LockLatch has a global appeal, with fans on every continent (barring Antarctica, that is). We understand that when it comes to home security time isn’t a luxury, and so we work with expert partners to ensure fast delivery across the globe. But our service doesn’t end there…


Just gotta say as well that your customer service is on the top of its game. Cracking after sale service. To think I had my lock off over 3 years ago now and you’re still providing me with excellent service willing to help me out with new keys really does say a lot about your company. 

James, Shropshire, UK


door and window security    




I finally installed the locklatches on our windows and they work perfectly! These are on our deck which will prevent burglars coming in. Emma


door and window security


One theme that runs through all the reviews we receive is feeling safer. At the end of the day this is what LockLatch is all about, giving our customers peace of mind and security so they can live better, safer lives.


Have you got a LockLatch installed in your home? If you do we’d love to hear what you think of our product. Why not send some feedback and pictures to [email protected], we would love to feature you in a future article.


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