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How window and door restrictors aid in burglary prevention and influence criminal behaviour in communities

Feeling  safe and being safe in your own home are two completely different things, and two important aspects of home security. Feeling safe means you’re emotionally secure in the dwelling, whether you’re alone or with your family. However, although you’re feeling safe you might not actually be safe. It’s likely that you have one or two of your windows or doors open to let fresh air in or to allow your pets to move freely in and out of your home. Without security measures like window or door restrictors in place though, this could potentially leave you vulnerable and could mean the difference between feeling safe and actually being safe. The office for National Statistics continuously conducts annual surveys in communities to shed some light about criminal activity in these areas, with the most recent findings published in July 2017. With updated results, security service providers and product providers like LockLatch can gain insight into crime trends and adapt offerings to coincide with these findings.


We’ve already determined that window or door restrictors are an essential element in securing your home or office, but with a multitude of products available on the market it can be hard to know which one is right for you. LockLatch, with its unparalleled versatility, is the perfect solution in most cases, regardless of the type of door or window you wish to secure. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes LockLatch stand out when it comes to door and window safety.

What Makes LockLatch™ the Best Window Restrictors

There are many features that make the LockLatch range superior to competitors. Its patented design, and C304 stainless steel construction make it one of the toughest and most durable security solutions on the market.  By design, LockLatch is intended to secure your doors and windows in the open position and this feature really sets it apart. We have already mentioned the need to keep your windows and doors open to ensure that your home is adequately ventilated and you’re getting enough fresh air without compromising on feelings of safety.  [buynow]

Door Restrictors, Window Restrictors and Latch Locks Made Easy

The LockLatch range offers unparalleled versatility with three devices and an adjustable design, which means it can be easily installed on any type of window or door. The installation is so simple that it can be completed in minutes with minimal DIY knowledge and a few tools. The three devices in the range feature the same design, but the size variations make them uniquely suited to different purposes. The MiniLatch allows for an opening of 4.5 to 8cm making it a perfect window restrictor for keeping indoor pets inside, making the home safer for children or simply securing your windows. LockLatch allows for an opening of between 9 and 17cm making it ideal for providing ventilation without compromising on security. The PetLatch has the largest opening of between 14.5 and 23cm and is designed to provide an alternative for pet access for small to medium sized pets.  

The Most Cost-Effective Window Opening Restrictor Choice

When you consider the efficacy, versatility and ease of installation, it is surprising that LockLatch provides such a cost effective solution. The LockLatch and MiniLatch are available for only £52, while the larger PetLatch retails for £62. At these prices they represent an affordable way to add that extra layer of security to one of the most vulnerable areas of the home.

What Constitutes Burglary?

 We associate burglary with the stealing of possessions. However, burglary, by definition, is the illegal entering of premises with criminal intent, which is where the theft comes in. So by law if you find someone inside your home or office that you know is not supposed to be there you’re in full right to have them arrested (whether they’ve taken anything or not).

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