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With petty theft and burglary on the rise in the UK, home security is of particular concern to people living alone. Your home is your sanctuary and tips for home safety can go a long way to making you feel more secure and therefore giving you more peace of mind. We’ve collected these 9 security tips so you can prevent opportunistic theft and enjoy your alone time worry free!


1: Avoid Social Media   

There is no beating around the bush, living alone makes your home an easier target for thieves and prowlers. Posting on certain social networks, where anyone could read your posts that you’re home alone or live alone, is a big risk to your home safety.  


2: Change the Locks for Better Home Security

One of the biggest precautions you can take to ensure safety in the house, is to change the locks. This is so important when you first move into your flat, cottage or house. There is no telling how many people have a copy of the keys, from service professionals to tenants and real estate agents, and changing the locks will double your home security by limiting access.


3: Have a Home Security & Safety Checklist

Having a home safety checklist for when you leave or arrive home will give you much better home security. Checking windows are closed or window restrictors, such as LockLatch, are in place and double checking that doors and gates are closed and locked is vital. Having a home safety checklist is one of the best security tips for the home as it will ensure you don’t forget the basics, even when you’re racing out of the door.


4: Have a Support System and Check-In Plan

Keeping a trusted friend or family member in the loop to your basic schedule is a must if you live alone. This will give you more confidence and feeling of home security, because friends and family will check-in regularly and if they are unable to get in touch, they will be alerted to any home security issues.


5: No Alarm, No Problem!

You don’t need an alarm to ensure home security. Your car alarm and keys are a great tool for improving safety in the house. Keep your car keys in your hand when you arrive home late or sleep with them next to the bed and hit the key panic button to set off the car alarm should you hear or see anything suspicious to alert your neighbours and scare off intruders.


6: Be Prepared and Protected

It is so important, especially if you are a woman alone, to be prepared if you need to protect yourself if a situation arises. This can include taking a self defence class or having a pepper spray next to your bed. This home security tip ensures you will be prepared for the worst case scenario when it comes to home safety, and give more peace of mind.  


7: Be Neighbourly

Getting to know your neighbours will not only give you a sense of home security and home safety, but offer you a support system too. A support system is a great tip for home safety and being on friendly terms with the neighbours means you can approach them if in need, or they can alert you or the police if they see anything suspicious.


8: Be Alert

When coming home late from work or from dinner with your mates, be aware of your surroundings. Be alert when walking from the station or your car to your home. Have your keys in your hand, ready, to avoid fumbling to get the door open as this will leave you vulnerable to security threats.  


9: Get a dog

Dogs not only make great companions, but they also help with home security. A dog will alert you to anything suspicious as well as deter opportunistic theft when you’re not at home. Don’t let dog door installations deter you, there are great dog door alternatives such as LockLatch that cost you less and offer better flexibility without compromising on home safety. Check out our 5 Tips on where to place a dog door article for some more doggy door advice.


That’s it, 9 security tips for the home to ensure home safety when you live alone and giving you a lot more peace of mind. Have some home safety tips of your own? Comment below or get in touch with us at [email protected].

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