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If you live in an area with wild monkeys, you probably already know just how these stealthy and intelligent animals can wreak havoc in a home. This has led to many cases of monkeys being shot or poisoned when they damage property, but we stand against this kind of drastic approach. Monkeys (like most wildlife) are victims of habitat destruction and mostly are just trying to survive. We feel that we as humans have a duty to protect not just our properties, but the animals that inhabit them. Thankfully there are a wide variety of ways to keep monkeys out of your home that don’t require violence, so we’ve collected 5 of our favourites below.


mini latch for monkey problems





The best way to keep monkeys out of your house is to make sure your house is monkey proof. This involves finding ways to block the access points that monkeys will usually use to get in and out. These are usually doors and windows around your home. But if you need to keep your doors and windows open for ventilation and fresh air the best solution is a MiniLatch – also known as MonkeyLatch. MiniLatch has been created specifically for this purpose. It’s an adjustable lockable latch that allows you to keep your windows and doors slightly open but locked. This means you can ventilate your home, but the gap is too small for a monkey or baboon to fit through (a MiniLatch allows an adjustable gap between 4,5cm and 8cm). MiniLatch is made from C304 stainless steel, comes with a lifetime guarantee and is quick and easy to install yourself and will fit any type of door or window, whichever way it opens and whatever it is made of.


Evidence of where baboons tried to get in but couldn’t.


Fantastic product for baboons and other primates. We have eight of these installed and they are just brilliant. We have had a major baboon invasion in the past and the MiniLatches have solved our problems. Now we can breathe fresh air in the house without the unexpected visitors. Wayne Strydom, George.


mini latch for monkey problems

MonkeyLatches fitted to a kitchen window in Umhlanga, KZN.



The number 1 reason monkeys come onto our properties is to look for food. By removing this source of temptation you will greatly reduce the chances that monkeys will come looking for food. The most important thing to remember is to not feed the monkeys or leave fruit or other food sources out for them. This will only compound your problems as monkeys will remember your home as a place to get a snack. It is also really important to ensure that your refuse is stored in a fully secured, monkey proof bin. There are a wide variety of devices to help you secure your bin. Rubbish is an easily accessible food source and unsecured bins or refuse left in the open wild will draw monkeys deeper into residential areas they would ordinarily avoid. Another food source that attracts monkeys are fruit trees and vegetable patches. If you have your own veggie patch and live in an area with monkeys consider getting a greenhouse, or alternatively cover your vegetable patch with a wire mesh, there are strong meshes designed specifically for this purpose. Fruit trees are trickier, but the best thing you can do is to pick your fruit as it ripens, as well as get rid of old or rotting fruit.


baboon watch

When it comes to deterrents there are also a number of options. These are particularly  useful for protecting your extended property. The most obvious, and one of the most commonly used, are electric fences. While this might sound bad for monkeys, if the correct type of fencing is used it is unlikely to harm the monkeys. However, we strongly advise that you consult an expert in electric fencing solutions to make sure you get a fence that is both effective and humane. Another deterrent that is growing in popularity is an electronic sound repellent, these devices emit a harmless, high frequency sound when monkeys are detected. One such device is Baboon Watch designed by South African inventor Doug Reid. This device consists of a weatherproof, CCTV camera shaped unit, which creates a high frequency sound that is just as effective in deterring monkeys as it is with baboons. These types of devices are perfect for publicly accessible spaces where it is hard to fence in and control access.


scare monkeys away

There are many ways to scare off monkeys if you catch them on your property. Some people recommend using a powerful water pistol or a garden hose. Others suggest firecrackers (although we would highly recommend against this in a residential area where it could disturb other pets) but generally speaking monkeys don’t like loud noises. Chasing monkeys away teaches them that your home is not an easy food source and will discourage them from coming back unless they get particularly desperate. Another great sound based repellent is the sound of a predator, this can be any large cat really, as monkeys are hardwired to be afraid of these types of animals. If you can, play a predator noise over your home entertainment system when monkeys come onto your property. Just note that you should be especially careful when monkeys are in troops or have juveniles with them as this can make them more aggressive.


monkey problems


Just like predators, monkeys are hard wired to be afraid of snakes. This is natural as they often share habitats with snakes and their toxic bites often claim the lives of adult and juvenile monkeys. Because of this monkeys are incredibly vigilant when it comes to snakes and won’t go into an area where a snake has been spotted. So while it may sound like an old wives’ tale, scattering a few rubber snakes around your yard might be all it takes to keep monkeys out. This low cost solution isn’t that simple though, as we have mentioned throughout this article, monkeys are highly intelligent and will remember if a snake is always in the same position and if they figure out the snakes are fake this solution becomes worthless. That’s why it is important to move the snakes around regularly.


Those are some of our favourite tips for keeping monkeys out of your home and off your property. Maybe you have another method that you think we should add to the article. Why not email us at [email protected] and we can include it in our next article. Also be sure to check out the new MiniLatch from LockLatch to help keep clever monkeys outside, where they belong.

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