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Having proper ventilation in the home is about more than just comfort. Whether you have a ventilation system at  home or use natural ventilation, good ventilation ensures you keep the fresh air in and the volatile organic compounds and condensation out! Here are four very important health reasons why house ventilation is so important.

Reason 1: Good Ventilation Removes Condensation

Why is this important? Excess condensation damages your home. Condensation is most prominent when temperatures begin to drop in the cooler months, and settles on windows, walls and behind furniture. This excess water is responsible for damp that settles in the home which leads to wall paint damage and and eventually black mould. Having good home ventilation helps control poor ventilation causing condensation and therefore prevents musty smells, fabric damage, paint job  damage and mould. Bathroom ventilation is particularly important in this regard, so if you don’t have a bathroom ventilation system, keep those windows open!

Reason 2: Good Ventilation Gets Rid of Harmful Indoor Pollutants

Indoor pollution, also known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), these invisible gasses can cause havoc on the health of your family. Made up of vapours from an array of home chemicals such as air fresheners, cosmetics, cleaning products and markers, the list is endless.  This is particularly of concern when you’re doing some home maintenance or renovating where you may be stripping and redoing paint work or industrial cleaning. Keeping good airflow through your home will ensure good air ventilation. Meaning fresh air is able to come in and dilute these chemicals, ensuring that your home’s air is less polluted with volatile organic compounds than outside.

Reason 3: Good Ventilation Means a Healthier Home Environment  

As we mentioned, poor ventilation and the mould that it causes, plus  volatile organic compounds, cause a host of health problems. Unfortunately, that’s not your only concern!  If you pair bad home ventilation with a higher humidity, you’re also faced with a dust mite breeding ground! Dust mites are responsible for a host of ailments including itching, eczema, watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing and can even aggravate asthma. Having good ventilation in the home can dramatically reduce the risk of these asthma triggers – dust mites – thus making your home safer.

Reason 4: Good Ventilation Means Natural Cooling

Lastly, Proper ventilation means saving you money! Whether you decide to go with home ventilation systems or go au-natural with window air ventilation, good ventilation means fresh air. Fresh air means good airflow, and good airflow means unnecessary spending on the electricity needed for air conditioners and fans. However, it’s not just electricity bills you save on. Good ventilation means less condensation. Less condensation means less mould and paint damage, which will save you a ton on constant renovating and repainting needed when this repetitively occurs.

There you have it, four very compelling reasons why every home needs good ventilation. There are a few ways you can increase ventilation in the home and reduce volatile organic compounds , the simplest and most cost effective being to keep  a few open windows even during the winter months.

However, in South Africa there are a number of reasons why we often choose not to keep windows open, the biggest factor being security. This  puts us at risk for all the health detriments of volatile organic compounds and mould-causing condensation, specifically if we don’t have home and bathroom ventilation systems.  Which is is just one of the reasons why we invented LockLatch, letting us leave our windows open, but locked, letting in good fresh air while keeping opportunistic thieves, baboons or the neighbours cats out!

Have some good ventilation tips of your own? Share them in the comments below or email us at [email protected]

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