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A clever burglar is always looking for new ways to get into your home. Luckily, the constant innovation in the field of home security products are working to counter them at every turn. Your home should be a space that you and your family can feel completely secure, so you can go about your lives without nagging safety fears playing in the back of your mind.

Auditing and evaluating your home security should be an ongoing process. Your home security systems need to move with the times, as the world and technology changes. It is important that you take the time to take stock of your home security looking at potential weaknesses where burglars can gain entry. If you have no idea where to start, take a look at this useful document to help you take stock of your home security and make the necessary changes needed. To assist you in keeping up to date with the latest advancements in home security, we’ve put together this list of 4 innovative home security products for your perusal.


We could write a whole article on Smart Security devices alone. Our homes are becoming increasingly connected to us and this trend has greatly impacted how we approach home security. From smart locks that are opened with our phones or with facial recognition, to doorbells with HD cameras and remote monitoring systems that let you keep track of your home security from just about anywhere, the possibilities are almost endless.

All information is fed to your devices and not only keeps you informed, but allows you to make decisions and notify authorities as quickly as possible. Smart homes aren’t going anywhere and we are only going to have more security options cropping up as this sector grows.




The growth of online shopping over the past decade has been impossible to ignore, it is reported that in 2018 e-commerce accounted for 14.3% of all retail sales, which amounts to a staggering $517 billion. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down, it has fundamentally changed how we find, order and enjoy products and services. And while this made it easier than ever for you to get the things you want with limited effort, it has also created a spike in a type of crime that was previously unheard of… package theft. In 2018 it was reported in a survey by Xfinity Home that more than 30% of Americans have experienced package theft of some description. Enter the Package Guard an alarm for your package deliveries. This device sits on your porch and notifies you when a package is placed on it, it also has a very loud alarm, so if an opportunistic thief tries to swipe your package then the whole neighborhood will be alerted. While the Package Guard doesn’t physically stop a thief, it will make them think twice about swiping your Amazon Prime deliveries!




Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. LockLatch may not be high tech but it serves as an ingenious home security solution to an age old problem. LockLatch is an easy to install DIY device, designed to fit onto any window or door, whichever way it opens and whatever it is made of ! It allows you to leave windows or doors open, but locked. As we know, keeping windows and doors locked shut isn’t always the best option. It stops airflow and good ventilation in your home that can lead to a host of health related issues. If you have a pet, keeping your windows shut during the day just isn’t an option, this is where the LockLatch really shines. LockLatch is made from C304 stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee. There are 3 sizes available, MiniLatch allowing an adjustable gap between 1.8″ and 3.1″, the (original) LockLatch allowing an adjustable gap between 3.6″ and 6.7″ and finally the PetLatch which allows an adjustable gap between 5.7″ and 9″. Read more on the LockLatch features and benefits.




CCTV cameras are often seen as a necessary evil. While they help reduce crime and keep the neighbourhood safe, they are generally an eyesore that constantly reminds us that we are being watched. However, this is changing, as technology has advanced cameras are becoming smaller and more compact and a market has opened up for cameras that are hidden or at the very least not ugly to look at. With portable cameras like these Kuna devices, which are designed to fit into lamps and light fittings, you can now make sure your home is being watched without unsightly cameras sticking out on every corner.




Our last point seems like it’s out of a science fiction movie, but drones are becoming a more ever-present part of our lives with every passing year, and if they are the go-to solution for the US Military to stay vigilant, it seems like only a matter of time before they find their way into our homes. While actual flying drone-based security systems may still be a year or two off, they are definitely on the horizon with San Francisco-based start-up Sunflower Labs, expecting to release their system in 2020. The system includes a quadcopter drone fitted with motion detectors and a camera that connects to a smartphone. The drone doesn’t need to be operated and flies autonomously around a property making sure nothing goes unseen. If ground-based drones are more your thing, you can take a look at the Hammacher Schlemmer Home Patrolling Robot. Think of it like a Roomba, that keeps an eye on your home when you are away.



We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article on innovative home security products. What Smart Home security devices do you have in your home, why not send us an email to [email protected] and maybe we can include them in our next feature!


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