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LockLatch™ is a new type of lock that is great for window and door security because it allows you to leave any door or window open but locked! It’s ideal to add to your house security armoury, but is not a replacement for other burglar proofing including electric fencing, beams, lighting, dogs and so on. LockLatch is also a true home DIY security product and shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes to fit.

It’s made from high-grade C304 stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s ideal for creating safe ventilation while preventing opportunistic theft and creating access points for small pets.

The main benefits and uses of a LockLatch™ are:

  • Safe Ventilation – Leave your windows and doors open but locked to give you fresh air and prevent opportunistic theft.
  • Quick and Easy to Fit – LockLatch is a true DIY product and can be fitted by any moderately competent person in less than15 minutes. All you’ll need is a drill, screwdriver and pop rivet gun for aluminium. We supply the rest.
  • Versatile – LockLatch will fit any door [patio door, hinged door, hatch, stable door, sliding glass door, front door, back door] or window [sash, hinged, skylight, wood, steel, aluminium or PVC] and whichever way it opens -up down, sideways, in, out – it doesn’t matter.
  • Adjustable – LockLatch™ is adjustable for any gap of between 9 and 17cms. You can also create a bigger gap if required by mounting one foot plate on the outside of the frame and one on the inside. Send me a mail [email protected] if you’d like to know more or phone me on +27 82 447 2809.
  • Lifetime Guarantee – If ever anything goes wrong with your LockLatch™ return it to us and we’ll replace it free of charge or refund your money.
  • Made from high-grade C304 stainless steel – it’s hacksaw and rust resistant.
  • Let your Pets Come and Go as they please – Use LockLatch™ instead of a cat flap or doggy door. When you consider the cost of installation and the hole in the door, LockLatch is less expensive and less invasive. LockLatch™ will also work well for pet access on a sliding glass patio door.
  • Protect your Children – When fitted to an upstairs window LockLatch™ is a child safe window lock to stop you children falling.
  • Stop Baboons and Monkeys Trashing your House – Fit LockLatch™ as a window lock to your windows and doors, adjust the gap to suit and keep out unwanted animals.
  • Stop Wind Damage – Used as a lockable window stay LockLatch™ will prevent windows and doors slamming in the wind or blowing open and breaking hinges.
  • Safe ventilation for Caravans – Fit LockLatch™ to caravan doors and windows.
  • Safe ventilation for your Boat – Fit LockLatch™ to the hatches of your boat. In fact LockLatch™ was invented while Anthony Bairos was sailing off the coast of Brazil. Every time Ant pulled into port he’d leave the hatches open while shopping. Having been robbed too many times, necessity was the mother of invention and Anthony invented LockLatch™ !
  • Fasteners are included – We supply the screws and pop rivets with your LockLatch™.
  • Easy to Colour Match – LockLatch™ is finished in brushed stainless steel but can be easily spray-painted to match any colour your wish.
  • Free delivery. The price includes free delivery anywhere in South Africa.
  • LockLatch™ is a South African invention with a worldwide patent [PCT/IB2014/060903].

If you have any ideas on DIY home security, tips on how to prevent home burglaries please send your suggestions to [email protected] and we’ll publish and credit the author.


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