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With International Dog Day coming up on 26 August, there is no better time of year to show your love and go the extra mile for your best friend. The past few months have created new challenges for pet owners with Covid-19 making visits to public spaces, beaches and parks more complicated, but as restrictions continue to ease there are more and more opportunities for pet pampering available to you.

That’s why we’ve put together this useful guide with tips on how to pamper your pup to mark this special day intended for celebrating all things dog-related.


The classic start to any special day whether it is celebrating a parent or an anniversary, and while a fry-up might not be on the menu in this instance, there are a few ways you can tailor this experience to your pooch this International Dog Day. Our advice would be to not mess with the classics, almost every dog loves a bone, and there are quite a few health benefits for your pup.

Aside from the multitude of minerals and nutrients found in bone marrow, chewing on a bone helps keep their teeth clean for better dental hygiene. Always remember to put a towel down as bones can get messy. It is also advised to never feed your dog a cooked bone as these are prone to splintering.

If your dog can’t enjoy a bone for whatever reason, there are many alternatives available or if you’re looking to prepare something healthy you can read our previous article on some homemade dog treats that you can prepare for your pet.


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Take advantage of the remaining summer days by giving your dog an outdoor bath or shower. There are many breeds of dogs that absolutely love water and an outdoor bath not only gives you a chance to indulge this love, but by adding a dog-friendly shampoo you can turn a simple shower or bath into a complete pampering session complete with a massage, further improving the bond between you and your pup. With the recent wave of warm weather looking like it will continue into September why not put on a bathing costume and take the opportunity to cool yourself down while you bond and pamper your pet?


Few things are as exciting for your pet as a new toy, and while there are many options available online, you don’t need to break the bank to spoil your pup. There are a wide variety of DIY toys that can be made at home using household items and a bit of elbow grease. We found this great list on, which shares 17 different ideas. If you are a more visual person there are some great YouTube tutorials available. The video below shows five super simple toys that can be made from everyday items such as water bottles and old shirts. Old T-shirts make great toys because your pet can smell your scent on them.




Now that your dog has their toy, make sure they can head outside to play with it whenever they please. PetLatch allows you to keep your doors open while still being locked in place. It is a simple and elegant way to ensure your pet gets the exercise and space they need for their mental well-being, without you having to compromise on security. PetLatch can be fitted to almost any type of door (or window for the felines) and can be adjusted to allow for an opening between 14.5 – 23 cm making it a great doggy door alternative for a wide variety of different dog sizes.




Whilst ensuring your dog’s nails and paws are healthy is an important part of their general health, some dogs aren’t comfortable having their paws held or touched. If you are considering giving your dog a pedicure you may need to familiarise them with this sensation. You can do this by touching or massaging their feet on the odd occasion so that when the time for a “peticure” comes they are relaxed. There are great resources with different methods for the perfect puppy pedicure, such as this one from One great tip is to take your dog for a walk immediately before the pedicure, this ensures they are tired and more receptive to the pamper treatment. 


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If your dog is the social type the isolation and social distancing of the past few months may have taken a toll on his mental wellbeing. Why not take this opportunity to organise a playdate? It will allow you to catch up with a friend (with the relevant safety precautions, of course) and will let your dog socialise and get rid of all that pent-up energy.


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A visit to the vet might not sound like the best day out for your dog, but it is one of the most important activities you can do together. Routine checkups and wellness examinations form an essential part of your pooches healthy lifestyle. Making sure they’re in tip-top health or identifying any health or medical issues that may require some attention, ensures their long-term health. While the visit itself might be a little scary, any distress can be offset by the pampering ideas we’ve included in this article. 


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While we created this list for International Dog Day, we believe that every day is the perfect day to spoil your best friend. If you have any pamper tips to share why not contact us and maybe we’ll include them in a future article. 

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