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Who is the Neighbourhood Watch Network?

Cape Town, South Africa – LockLatch UK are proud to announce their partnership with the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN). LockLatch are worldwide distributors of the patented LockLatch, MiniLatch and PetLatch security devices and now, thanks to this exciting partnership these lockable security latches are available to all NWN supporters at a 15% discount with a further 15% fundraising donation on each sale going to support NWN in their goal of making neighbourhoods across England and Wales safer.

The Neighbourhood Watch Network is the largest voluntary crime prevention movement in the UK with over 2.3 million members spread across England and Wales. The NWN acts as an umbrella organisation drawing together various regional associations that are led by local community members and are supported by the NWN.

NWN Strategic Partnerships

Part of the NWN strategy is the strategic partnership with companies whose values align with NWN and whose products complement the goal of creating safer, stronger and more active communities. These partner companies range from cybersecurity providers, to insurers and security product providers.  LockLatch is the latest company to join forces with the NWN to make the UK a safer and more secure place for all its residents.

About LockLatch

LockLatch is a global company focussed on making homes, offices, hospitality businesses, caravans and boats safer and more secure. The company offers three products LockLatch, MiniLatch and PetLatch, which all three share the same patented design. The devices are designed to fit between the door or window and the frame and an adjustable C304 stainless steel arm locks the door or window in place. LockLatch is perfect for securing any type of door or window and can be installed in just a few minutes to add an extra layer of security to your home.

“LockLatch is all about providing more security options to UK residents, and that is why this partnership with NWN makes such perfect sense.” says Steve Pearce, Managing Director of LockLatch.

“We have always seen LockLatch as an essential layer of security that is intended to augment and enhance your existing security measures, so to be able to partner with an established organisation such as NWN means we are able to bring our product to more people than ever before.”

Steve Pearce, Managing Director, Locklatch

LockLatch has been available in the UK since 2015, and in that time it has been fitted into thousands of homes across the region. The versatility of the device is one of its strongest selling points since it can be fitted onto any type of door or window, this versatility also allows it to be used outside the home security industry as it has practical application in the caravan and hospitality industries as well. 

UK Burglary Statistics

The effects of Covid-19 have led to a 35% drop in burglaries across the UK, but as things return to normal we can expect these rates to return to their pre-covid levels. Prior to 2020 1 in 100 homes in the UK were targeted by burglars, equating to 65 917 residential burglaries between January 2019 and March 2020 and costing homeowners an average of £2,856 per burglary.

If you are an NWN member and are interested in claiming your 15% discount, while at the same time supporting this fantastic organisation then simply head here and use the discount code ‘NWNLock’ at checkout to claim your discount.

There has never been a better time to start making your home safer with LockLatch and NWN.



Contact: Steve Pearce
Managing Director
[email protected]
+27 82 447 2809

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