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They say that necessity is the mother of all invention and in the case of South African inventor, Anthony Bairos, this couldn’t be truer.

Some time ago while sailing along the North East Coast of Venezuela, Anthony frequently moored in marinas where he experienced a spate of burglaries and poor marine security as a result of keeping his yacht hatch open for ventilation when going ashore.

As Anthony lay annoyed on his bunk he dreamed up a lockable latch that would allow him to ventilate his yacht while protecting it from long fingers. This led to the birth of the very first LockLatch™, which was made onboard as part of his boat security system.

Back on SA shores, Anthony fell in love with a sausage dog called Toll-free. Less in love with having to get up every 5 minutes to let Toll-free out, he realized that the very same lockable latch that kept his yacht safe and ventilated could keep the door open whilst remaining locked. Ultimately making it an ideal pet door alternative. This time around, his unrefined version generated much interest from friends and family who were so impressed that Anthony knocked out a few proto-typish versions and asked them to try it out in order to confirm his need to apply for a patent.

Anthony never intentionally decided to become an inventor but kept improving his lockable latch invention. After coining the name LockLatch, Anthony knew he was onto a good thing. He sought out a pro to help him and found a bearded, bespectacled 85-year-old serial inventor who lived from his many inventions and was ready to mentor him. Showing Anthony the ropes and teaching him the discipline of how to turn his idea into a real marketable product included costing, market and materials, research, manufacturing systems and patenting – a process Anthony describes as long, arduous and enlightening.

Today, LockLatch [Pty] Ltd holds the South African and international patent for the LockLatch™ range, and they are manufactured by a hi-tech engineering firm in Howick, KwaZulu Natal, with each LockLatch produced helping homes, offices, hotels, institutions, boats and motorhomes stay ventilated without compromising on home security or home safety.

The Most Cost-Effective Window Restrictor

What makes LockLatch™ one of the most affordable window restrictors, or child window guard choice? Everything! Not only do you not need to spend money hiring a professional to get it installed like a lot of other window restrictors, but because it’s designed to fit every window type, size and opening, you save a lot of time and money sourcing a variety of latch lock products. Not to mention our cost comparative prices and easy door to door delivery… With LockLatch™ it’s truly “win, win!”

Much like the Kreepy Krauly and Pratley Putty, two famous South African inventions, LockLatch is a perfect example of how a simple idea, such as a latch, and a stroke of genius combine in a pressure cooker of necessity. Asked why everyone needs a LockLatch, Anthony would always say: “Safety! Unfortunately today we need to protect our homes and loved ones and I believe LockLatch is your first line of defense. Apart from that, fresh air, especially along the coast, should be enjoyed and LockLatch allows you to keep your windows open for ventilation whilst also protecting it from the wind.”


As the name indicates, LockLatch™ is simply a lockable latch that allows you to leave your windows or doors open but locked. Easily used as a window ventilation lock and door latch which can help improve boat security, motorhome security and home safety while providing access to natural ventilation.

There are 3 sizes available, all with adjustable gaps: MiniLatch allows an adjustable gap between 1.8 and 3.1 inches, LockLatch with an adjustable gap between 3.6 to 6.7 inches, and PetLatch (the largest of the 3) with an adjustable gap between 5.7 and 9 inches. LockLatch is a true DIY home security product, and is made from C304 stainless steel with a satin finish. The patented design fits all doors, sliding doors, windows and hatches horizontally and vertically. LockLatch is quality assured and comes with a lifetime guarantee. LockLatch prevents opportunistic theft and wind damage while providing fresh air, small pet access and peace of mind to protect your home.

Window & Door Restrictors

Made Easy

Securing your home with door restrictors, window restrictors and latch locks is important but can also seem daunting. Chances are your home has a variety of door and window sizes and types, which means for maximum convenience and home security you need a latch lock and window restrictor that can fit all of your doors and windows: LockLatch™! It is one of the few restrictor products that can fit any door or window.

There is no getting around it, if you want your home secure from burglars and your children safe while still enjoying open windows and good ventilation, window restrictors are key. And if you’re looking for the best window restrictors and lock latches at the most affordable prices, LockLatch™ is the latch lock product for you.

Child safety

When it comes to child safety and home security, window restrictors or latches are essential. Not only do window ventilation locks afford you the luxury of keeping your windows open for ventilation while still having them locked for home security, but they ensure that your children cannot fall through open windows, a huge concern for parents. Add to that the fact that windows are a popular entry point for burglars, latch locks and window restrictors are paramount if you want to protect your home. This is why we designed the ultimate window restrictor, LockLatch™ making it affordable and easier to get your home secure and child safe no matter what type of windows you have!

What Makes LockLatch™ the Best Window Restrictor?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing LockLatch™ window ventilation locks is that they fit any window size, material and opening type. This means that you don’t have to spend time and money hunting for window or door restrictors and sash window locks to fit a specific window type in your home. With the LockLatch™ range you have one latch lock product for all your window restrictor needs ensuring your home is secure and safe in no time at all.

The Importance of Sash Window Locks & Security

Sash windows are a popular choice for homeowners throughout the US and given that windows accentuate your home’s exterior look there is no surprise why. Enjoying your home inside and out, while protecting your home and ensuring residential security is a worry for many of us. This is why sash window security and sash window locks are so important… LockLatch™ is the ultimate sash window lock that fits any window and offers the best sash window security, easily and cost effectively.

If you’re looking for safe ventilation, then LockLatch is the choice for you. Easy to install, affordable and versatile, it is an ingenious addition to your home security. Start securing your home with LockLatch today.

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