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Whether you’re looking to sell or not, your home is an investment, and we all want to see the value of our investments increase. There are many quick and simple ways to improve the value of your property, a lick of paint; updating light fixtures; replacing old cabinets; fixing the floors to name a few, but one area that doesn’t get much airtime is how home security upgrades affect the value of your property. This article takes a deep dive into this subject looking at the ways these upgrades can affect selling price, and which upgrades you can do to improve your home’s value.

Does home security increase your property value?


There isn’t really a simple answer to this question. Many of the fiduciary benefits of home security upgrades are a bit more abstract. While certain upgrades such as installing hard-wired security infrastructure; installing solid hardwood doors; fixing window locks; installing motion sensor lighting; or installing security cameras can have a marked effect on the property price, many upgrades serve a slightly different purpose in making your house more marketable and thus potentially pushing the price up as there is more competition for your home.

How exactly does home security increase property value?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, adding home security upgrades to your property doesn’t necessarily add a dollar value to the selling price. This may be true for some larger upgrades, but for most security upgrades the increased value relates more to the sellability and general appeal of the property, which can serve to drive up value.


Buyers appeal

The biggest factor in determining how home security upgrades affect the selling price of your home relates to how it affects the appeal of your property. A safer, more secure property is inherently more appealing and makes the property more marketable for realtors. Many buyers want a turn-key solution that doesn’t require them to do a lot of work post-purchase and so a home with security already taken care of makes it an easier purchasing decision for the prospective buyer.

Feeling of safety

You can never underestimate the power that peace of mind has on a potential buyer. When you are making a big purchasing decision, even small details can cause a prospective buyer to think twice. By ensuring that the safety of the buyer and their family are taken care of, you remove this issue from their purchasing decision.

Discounts in home insurance

Home security upgrades can reduce the cost of home insurance premiums by as much as 20%. The exact savings will depend on the nature and extent of the security upgrades installed, but these savings can really add up in the long term and make your property more attractive to a potential buyer.

Alarm systems

Alarm systems used to be quite costly to install, but with the rise of smart home devices and improved technology, alarm systems have not only become more affordable, but integrate with your smart home allowing for automatic activation and active monitoring from your smartphone.

CCTV installations

A study by the University of North Carolina, which interviewed more than 422 incarcerated burglars found that 50% of them would abort a burglary if they saw security cameras. With more Americans than ever shopping online, the growth of doorbell camera systems has driven a boom in home security camera sales. This boom has made these types of systems more accessible than ever, with smaller cameras and smart home integration.

Window sensors

Window sensors are small (sometimes magnetic) sensors that are fixed to the window opening and frame. When a window is opened the sensors activate and send a signal to the home security system. Window sensors are not only important for detecting break-ins, but also notify you if a window needs to be closed when you leave the home.

Preventing costly break-ins

One of the biggest security benefits for prospective buyers is the one you hope never pays off. Burglaries cost American households an average of $3000 per burglary, but this figure doesn’t take into account the loss of sentimental objects and the emotional trauma of having your space invaded. For future homeowners, their chances of having to deal with this reality are reduced by improving home security.

Offers a secure environment for the buyer

Feeling safe in our homes is a basic right, and the benefits of feelings of safety and security in your home are almost immeasurable. Every one of us wants to know that our families are safe when we aren’t around and live with the peace of mind that comes from having adequate security.

Ways you can increase property value with home security

Not every security upgrade needs a professional to install and many can be done relatively quickly and easily with just a little bit of DIY knowledge. For other solutions, it may be better to go with a professional installation. However, regardless of approach, it is a good idea to employ a variety of security measures, so that if one fails, there are contingencies in place.

Install an alarm

There are many DIY alarm systems on the market that you can install yourself. However, for an alarm system to have an impact on the selling price, it is better to go with a hard-wired option that will be left in the home if you move out.

Add locks to doors and windows


Doors and windows are the two most common entry points for burglars. By adding locks to these two areas of the home you can make it far more secure. While good primary locks are essential these can also be supplemented with lockable window and door latches such as LockLatch, which allow you to keep your windows and doors slightly ajar, but also securely locked. The LockLatch, with its patented design and lifetime guarantee, features a versatile design which can be installed in a few minutes onto any type of window or door. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective solution, and a quick DIY way to improve your property value with added security.

Increase external or boundary wall security

The best place to stop a burglar is before they enter your property. That’s why it’s a good idea to improve the boundary security of your property. For potential buyers, boundary security is often the first thing they will see when viewing your property, so it makes sense to ensure that this is up to standard.

Electrified fencing

Electric fencing is a great way to keep burglars out without impacting too heavily on the aesthetics of your home. Not only is it an effective deterrent, but it can also be connected to your security system so you will know if there are any faults.

Added bars on top of the wall

Increasing the height of your exterior wall is another good way to make your exterior property more secure. This could mean building a higher wall or adding bars at the top of the wall to make your property that little bit harder to access.


Spikes are another type of wall extension, which not only makes your wall higher but also makes it far more difficult to scale. They therefore provide a low-tech boundary security alternative when compared to electric fences.

Add a unique pet door alternative

If you are looking to sell your home the last thing you want to do is cut a hole in a door. This could actually negatively impact on the value of your home, as a buyer will need to factor in the hassle and cost of replacing the door. This is where PetLatch, from LockLatch, really shines. This device is made from the same C304 stainless steel as LockLatch, but allows for an opening of between 5.7 and 9 inches making it an ideal pet door alternative for small to medium-sized dogs. For cats, you may be better off installing a LockLatch on a window that they already use for entry and exit to give them freedom of movement without the security risk of leaving a window open and unlocked.

Keep outside sheds locked and secure

If your home has an outside shed then a prospective homebuyer will want it to be secure, for the same reasons you do. They may need to store expensive tools and equipment there, and so it needs to be locked when not in use. This is another area where LockLatch can be extremely useful, as it lets you keep one of the shed windows open, but locked. This ensures that the shed stays properly ventilated and mould and mildew don’t form.

Add security to your garage

Speaking of places where expensive equipment is often stored, the garage is another area where security should be paramount. With garages, the focus is on finding the most convenient ways to enter and often these features such as electric openers make them security weak spots.

Locks to garage door

Even if your garage door has an electronic or motorised locking mechanism, it is still good practice to ensure that these are backed up by supplementary locks that can be locked if needed. Garage doors can often be forced open relatively easily by criminals so extra locks go a long way to making them more secure.

Don’t forget garage windows

If you use your garage as a workspace or a home gym, then you know how difficult it can be to ensure there is enough fresh air. Devices such as LockLatch allow you to keep garage windows slightly open, and this can provide great cross ventilation when the garage door is opened a bit.

Purchase LockLatch products for increased home security and homebuyer appeal.

One thing is apparent, if you want your home to be more appealing to potential buyers, then upgrading security is a good way to spend your time and money. LockLatch is one solution that won’t cost you too much of either. And the best part is, you can start making your home safer today.

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