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As any homeowner or tenant will tell you, the balance between home security and keeping your home ventilated safely is a constant battle. We all like to enjoy fresh air and to give our pets unlimited, easy access, but keeping our home from being stuffy by leaving windows and doors open can be a huge security risk. Not any more! The LockLatch range of lockable window and door latches ensure your home has general and safe ventilation!

What is natural ventilation?

Natural ventilation is distinct from artificial ventilation, which requires a mechanical device such as a fan or air conditioning unit to circulate air in your space. Instead natural ventilation relies on natural air currents to circulate air. Not all spaces are suitable or conducive to natural ventilation. One important principle is the concept of cross ventilation, which in simplistic terms means allowing for air to move through the home. This is important because you want stale air to exit and fresh air to enter. Cross ventilation can be difficult to achieve in certain homes, but simple principles such as opening windows on both the windward and leeward sides of the home can go a long way to facilitating this. If you can achieve natural ventilation in your home it can ensure a constant airflow without having to resort to mechanical means. LockLatch allows for this as you can open any windows or doors in your home, and leave them open without compromising on security.

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LockLatch™: The Ultimate Window Security

Window Latches are vital for safe ventilation and ultimately, window security. Because the three products that make up the LockLatch range (consisting of the LockLatch, MiniLAtch and PetLatch) fits any size, type or opening, it is one of the most versatile lock and latches, plus it’s DIY-friendly making it possible for you to install yourself. With windows being a prime entry point for burglars, don’t compromise on window security! With LockLatch™ you can leave your windows open, but locked and therefore enjoy the ultimate in safe ventilation and window security.

Potential risks of leaving your windows open at night

While there are many reasons why one would want to leave your windows open at night, there are good reasons why we don’t. We all want access to fresh air while we sleep, and there are many scientific studies showing the long term benefits, but let’s start by looking at the reasons we may be hesitant to do so.


Probably the biggest fear of leaving your windows open relates to home security. Open windows provide a possible entry point for burglars. In fact, windows are the second most popular entry point for burglars after the front door. While a burglary is always a terrible crime to fall victim to, the problem becomes much worse if you are at home, with the risk of personal injury and mental anguish.

Animals entering or exiting

Another issue with open windows is pests entering the home. Here we don’t mean burglars, but rather critters in search of food. While these animals are seldom dangerous they can cause damage to your property and may require animal control to remove them.

LockLatch™: Safe Ventilation with Door catches

Door catches and door latches are the key to safe ventilation in the home. LockLatch™ door catches not only make the best window latches but are also the ultimate door catches. With its many uses, including cat flap and dog door alternatives as well as general ventilation, the fact that it fits any size or material door, LockLatch™ will ensure your home is secure and safe without you having to forgo good ventilation. From sliding doors to aluminium doors, fit LockLatch™ for the best door and window security

Safe window ventilation at night

The unique features of the LockLatch range of devices make them the perfect way to keep your windows open without compromising on home security. The LockLatch’s patented design allows you to keep your windows ajar, but securely locked, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of fresh air without losing peace of mind.

Improved airflow

The secret to good natural ventilation is to allow air to flow through the home by opening windows on opposite sides of the building. However, this can lead to further security headaches. It is one thing to leave a non-street-facing window open, but creating airflow often means opening windows in more than one place. Due to the affordable price and versatility of LockLatch, this is easier than ever, allowing you to maximize airflow no matter the style of windows in your home.

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Getting rid of airborne pollutants

Proper ventilation not only provides you with access to fresh air but also helps remove pollutants from the air in your home. Pollutants can refer to excess carbon dioxide, allergens such as pollen, mould spores and pollution from the outside world. Without proper ventilation these pollutants can build up, reaching the critical mass where they start having a negative impact on your general health and wellbeing.

How do we keep safe with our windows open at night?

Now that we understand the benefits of keeping your windows open at night, let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can leave them open without sacrificing your home security. LockLatch is probably the most versatile way to achieve this, this ingenious device is not only cost-effective, but as we have covered further up it is a “one size fits all” solution regardless of the doors or windows you are trying to secure. If you are still deciding if LockLatch is the solution for you, then we look at the pros and cons of some alternatives below.

Burglar bars

Burglar bars are certainly an effective alternative. Depending on the style chosen, they provide a great way to secure your windows and are certainly one of the most robust solutions available. However, they are not without their drawbacks, with complex and sometimes costly installation and the fact that they spoil the view in exchange for safety. Possibly the biggest issue with burglar bars is that they don’t secure the window itself, so an opportunistic thief can still open the window wider and take anything that they can reach.


Another option is an alarm system. Alarms provide the added bonus of alerting people nearby and possibly notifying an armed response company, meaning the burglar is far more likely to abandon their break-in before they steal anything. The big prohibitive factor is the cost associated and the fact that most window alarms require the window to be closed or bypassed for you to leave it open.

Have a pet

Like an alarm, the goal of a watchdog is to alert the homeowners if someone breaks in. While a small dog in the home is a good option, a large dog that protects the perimeter is even better. Burglars are looking for an easy score and will often move on to an easier target if they see a dog. While it is horrible to think of, burglars have been known to drug or poison dogs to bypass this security measure.

Trade in Your Locks and Latches for LockLatch™

Locks and latches are vital in ensuring general and safe ventilation – but with so many doors and windows what do you do? If you’re looking for one door catch or window latch for all your windows and doors (no matter the size, type, or material of the door), then look no further. LockLatch™ eliminates the time-consuming task of trying to find multiple products for all your lock and latch needs by offering you one latch that can fit multiple windows and doors – leaving your home safely ventilated in no time.

LockLatch™, Your Cheapest Window Ventilation Lock

Simply put, LockLatch ™ is an adjustable lockable latch, that allows you to leave windows and doors open, while affording you the peace of mind of knowing your home is secure. Add that to the fact that it fits any size and material window or door (whichever way they open), LockLatch ™ is a cost-effective DIY-friendly Window Ventilation Lock that doesn’t require costly professional installation. Investing in our latch locks means saving time and money trying to find multiple locks and latches for multiple doors and windows.

Durability of LockLatch™

Made entirely from C304 stainless steel the LockLatch isn’t just touch enough to keep opportunistic thieves out, but is also able to withstand the worst the elements can throw at it. This durability is further enhanced by the simplicity of the design, with only three parts the device doesn’t have complex mechanical parts that can fail. We are so certain of the integrity of the device that each one comes with a lifetime guarantee.

PetLatch for doggy and cat doors

There are three devices making up the LockLatch range. The MiniLatch, which functions as a window restrictor, the ultra versatile LockLatch and PetLatch. PetLatch is the largest device in the range and is specifically designed to provide an alternative to traditional doggie doors and cat flaps. There are a few characteristics that make PetLatch superior. Firstly, it is adjustable meaning you can change the size of the opening as your pet grows, and the unique design makes it suitable for fitting onto their favorite door, regardless of the style meaning there is no need to retrain your pet. If you’re looking for a great alternative to a doggie door, you can get the PetLatch here.

Greater security comfort and improve your air quality today

Now that you have a better understanding of how LockLatch can improve the air quality in your home without sacrificing security or peace of mind, it should be clear why so many people across the USA are choosing this device to improve their ventilation.

Choosing LockLatch™ for all your window latch and door catch needs will ensure that you have general and safe ventilation while still keeping your home safe and secure. Whether you are looking for added window security, sliding door locks, aluminium door locks or window stay locks, LockLatch™ is your best window ventilation lock choice.

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