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Home security can be an expensive and complicated subject, but it is definitely one worth applying your mind to. Few things are as important to your general wellbeing and mental health than feeling secure in your home. But where do you start? Many experts will tell you to “think like a burglar”. This means you should take a step back and look for vulnerabilities, after all, nobody knows your property better than you. 

If you find a vulnerability, the temptation may be to bring in a security expert or install an expensive feature, but robust home security is more about creating layers of protection, so before you call in the experts, why not try adding more layers with these DIY home security solutions.

DIY home security options for doors

One of the best places to start with your home security audit is with the doors to your home. Doors are the single most common way that a burglar gains entry to a property and in many cases the doors aren’t even locked. Many burglars are opportunists looking for an easy score and even a locked door may be enough to turn them away. Let’s take a look at how you can use DIY to further secure your doors.

Change your locks

Changing your locks isn’t just a good idea if you’re moving into a new home, although it should be a priority if you are. Every contractor, pet sitter or pest control service you have used has had the opportunity to clone or copy keys. While this may sound paranoid, a fresh set of locks is a great way to ensure that only you have access.

Install door latches

Many people may also rely on their doors for ventilation or to provide access for their pets to the outside world. This is where a product such as LockLatch or PetLatch really comes into their own. These devices allow you to keep your door slightly ajar to let fresh air in, but the adjustable arms mean the door is also securely locked. These devices are tough, affordable and easy to install making them a great DIY solution.

Add security gates

This tip may depend on your DIY abilities, but can be done by a moderately skilled handyman. Security gates may vary wildly in price and complexity of installation, but they still offer one of the most secure ways to add an extra layer of door security.

Secure patio locks

By their nature patio doors are an area of door security that often needs attention. They can be lifted off their rails and are sometimes fitted with weak latches that can be easily opened by a skilled thief. LockLatch is the ideal solution for these types of doors, with easy installation that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Install safety pet doors

Traditional pet doors can come with a variety of drawbacks, they require you to cut a hole in your door and will sometimes need to be replaced with a larger door if your pet grows. This is another area where LockLatch and more specifically PetLatch really shine. This device can provide easy door access for your pet while still keeping it securely locked.

DIY home security options for windows

Windows are another popular method for gaining entry to a property. Their fragile nature means they could be easily smashed, but more often than not, they are simply forced open. This is because most standard window catches are weak in their construction. Here are some ways you can sure-up your window security.

Replace window locks or add locks

To combat the weak catches you often find on standard windows you can look at installing supplementary locks. Whether they totally replace the lock or provide a secondary locking option, they are a great way to make your windows more secure.

Install window security latches

But what if you want to keep your windows open? This is where a lockable window latch like the LockLatch or MiniLatch provides a great solution. These C304 stainless steel latches are designed to be fitted onto any window regardless of style or size. And because they allow the window to be locked in the open position, you can still enjoy the benefits of fresh air and good ventilation in the home without the security risks.

Reinforced window security film

As we have mentioned glass is fragile and window panes can be broken. One possible solution comes in the form of reinforced window security film. This film bonds the glass together to prevent it from shattering, making it harder for would-be thieves to enter.

Add burglar bars

Our final window security project is only for more advanced DIY practitioners. Burglar bars provide an excellent layer of security. They are effective and a great visual deterrent. However, these advantages often come at a premium cost and feature complex installation.

DIY garden security options

You may love your garden, but so do criminals. Gardens provide burglars with a range of entry points with the added bonus of providing cover for surveillance of your home. Below we look at some ways you can make your garden safer.

Trim the bushes

A well-manicured garden is the key to improving your garden security. Overgrown bushes may provide hiding places and trees can be used to gain access. By making sure your garden is neat and tidy, you go a long way in making sure it is safer. 

Keep dense shrubs away from windows

Dense shrubbery can provide cover and this gives a burglar more time to try and gain access to your property. That’s why it is important to keep bushes trimmed near key security areas, such as windows and doors.

Trim the tree branches away from the upper story windows or balconies

Tall trees can also provide access over fences or even onto the second floor of the home. You should always ensure that trees are regularly pruned to prevent this from occurring. If the tree is particularly large or in a sensitive position it will be best to bring in a a professional.

Increase your lighting

Bright lights on your property serve a number of security purposes. They make it harder for criminals to hide; they allow you to see what is happening on your property, and they serve as a visual deterrent especially in the case of motion sensor lights.

Solar lights

Solar lights are easy-to-use and are widely available at most hardware or lighting stores. These solutions provide a great way to supplement your existing lighting and have the added benefit of not increasing your electricity bill.

Solar Motion activated lights

Solar lights are great, but they are very dependent on getting enough sun to charge, this means they aren’t that well suited to being left on all night. Motion activated solar lights get around this problem and have the added benefit of possibly frightening a robber when they turn on.

Sensor spotlights

Sensor spotlights are a much brighter and effective lighting deterrent. These bright lights will illuminate your whole property when triggered. If you can afford the power, then these are the way to go.

Security cameras 

Over the years we’ve watched as cameras have become smaller and more compact and home security is no different. Whether they are portable cameras that adopt a sleek modern aesthetic or are designed to fit into lamps and light fittings, home CCTV has never been cheaper and easier.

DIY Security cameras

Amazon is filled with DIY security camera options with a wide variety of different features and functionality. These can be easily installed often with no drilling or in the case of the next option, no need to even run cables. These devices can connect to your phone allowing you to keep an eye on your property, inside and out.

Wireless cameras

The easiest to install options are wireless cameras that use your wifi to transmit footage. These can be installed in minutes and are easily placed around the home and the exterior of the property. 

Doorbell cameras

With home deliveries occurring more frequently everyday, doorbell cameras are not just great for access control, but also a way to keep an eye on your packages and prevent porch pirates from stealing them.

Start securing your home with LockLatch

LockLatch, MiniLatch and PetLatch are a great starting point for your DIY security efforts. Not only do they secure the two most important areas of the home – windows and doors – but they are also affordable and simple to install. A truly versatile security device that really is Do It Yourself.


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