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A residential break in occurs every 90 seconds in Canada, and while this statistic may be astounding, it is also interesting to note that the vast majority of these burglaries are performed by amateurs or opportunists and not career criminals. Often making a few small security upgrades to make your home a more difficult target can be the difference between preventing a break in and becoming a victim. In this article we explore some alternative home security gadgets looking at the pros and cons to help you find the one that is right for your home.

Locks and Latches

The majority of burglars in Canada enter the home through the basement, or ground floor windows and doors, so it makes sense to focus on these entry points when assessing your home security. This can be as simple as ensuring that your doors and windows are locked even when you are at home, but there are some security upgrades that make these security hotspots more secure.


LockLatch is a special type of lockable window latch that serves a highly specialised security function. These devices allow you to keep your doors or windows open while still ensuring that they are securely locked in place. In this way LockLatch is able to provide an extra layer of security in your home, while allowing for the added benefits that come with open windows and doors such as better airflow and ventilation. The versatile design of the LockLatch features an adjustable C304 stainless steel arm, which connects the door or window to the frame. This design means that the device can be fitted to any type of door or window regardless of the style of opening or the materials used in its construction. It installs in minutes with just a few screws or pop rivets. Each LockLatch comes with a lifetime guarantee showing just how tough this patented product is.


The LockLatch range extends beyond the flagship LockLatch product, and while the core design remains largely unchanged there are a variety of products that allow for different size openings and are thus purpose built for different security needs. The MiniLatch is the smallest of the bunch allowing for an opening of between 4.5 – 8 cm. This makes it perfect for windows allowing them to be left slightly ajar for ventilation purposes. This can be a huge plus in winter when you don’t want to leave your window fully open due to the weather, but still require your home to be ventilated. Winter is a time when homes are prone to the buildup of molds and mildew due to inadequate ventilation and the MiniLatch is a great way to improve airflow. The MiniLatch is also great for indoor cat owners as the size of the opening can be set to allow air in, but be too small for kitty to escape. The same rules apply for keeping pests out of your home, if you have any issues with raccoons or possums then MiniLatch is a great way to keep these critters out.


The PetLatch sits on the other side of the spectrum from the MiniLatch and allows for larger openings ranging from 16 – 24 cm. As the name suggests this product makes an excellent alternative to a cat flap or doggie door and is suitable for small to medium size dogs. One of the best features when it comes to your pets is that the adjustable arm allows the size of the opening to be increased as your pet grows, while the versatility means it can be installed on the door or window that your pet favours so there is no need to retrain them.

Old fashioned door stop

While a doorstop usually serves the purpose of stopping open doors from slamming, they can also double up as a security feature. By placing a doorstop under the door when it is closed it can make the door far harder to open. This is a cost effective way to add that extra layer of security to your home. As we have mentioned previously most burglars are opportunists and even increasing the difficulty of gaining access to your home incrementally can go a long way to reducing your chances of being a victim.

Infrared sensors

Infrared sensors have the ability to detect the heat radiating off the human body and subsequently trigger your home security system. Infrared sensors are far superior to motion sensors since they don’t require any light to work and so can function in complete darkness. Furthermore, they are less likely to be triggered by innocuous movement such as trees blowing in the wind.

Mobile security alarms

With the rise of smart home technology, traditional alarm systems are being replaced by smaller, more cost effective options that link directly to your smartphone. This offers people more control than ever over their home security without the costly installation that usually goes hand in hand with security alarm systems.

Mobile security cameras

One of the best parts of smart home security technology is that it is modular, allowing you to add security features as and when you see fit. From doorbell cameras to mobile security cameras you can bring the advantages of expensive CCTV equipment right to your mobile screen.

Motion sensor lighting

Motion sensor lighting not only helps illuminate your yard, but has the added benefit of possibly scaring away burglars who may think the light has been intentionally turned on. Burglars prefer homes with plenty of dark hiding places and so the more light you can shed on your home the better security it will have.

Property borders

When it comes to stopping a burglar it is always better to deter them before they have even entered your property. That is why it is important to pay close attention to the border fencing or walls of your home. At the most basic level this can be simply making sure they are in good condition, but if you live in an unsafe area you may want to supplement this security by increasing the height of the wall or installing enhancements such as electric fencing.


Keeping your garden neat and tidy is another good way to deter potential burglars. Overgrown bushes or trees provide hiding spots, from which criminals can observe your property to see when it is left vacant or who is home. Tall trees also provide potential means for scaling exterior fences or accessing balconies or second storey windows.

Shatterproof window film

While window locks may prevent burglars from physically opening windows, it is still possible for them to break the glass pane. That is why a lockable window latch in combination with security film provides the most secure solution for your windows. This film is applied to the glass pane and stops it from smashing if broken.

Wireless motion sensors

Wireless motion sensors are another great smart home security solution that can be bought quite affordably and installed on the exterior and interior of your home for better security. Most of these devices take the form of infrared sensors (which we have covered earlier) and can be installed in areas where you feel you need extra protection.


Ground floor windows are a good spot for wireless motion sensors as this is a popular entry point for burglars. Depending on which sensor you choose, it may have a built-in alarm or connect to your phone to let you know when a nefarious individual is lurking around your windows.


Just like windows, doors are another potential entry point and thus a good place to put a motion sensor, this can provide a more affordable, but still effective alternative to a door cam such as the Nest device from Google.


While light detecting perimeter sensors are available this is one area where you should definitely consider infrared, as these are far less prone to false alarms caused by moving trees or small animals.

Home Security products don’t need to be highly expensive. Increase your home security with the LockLatch range today.

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